Cooling Advisor

The industry’s first advisory capability built right into
the heart of a thermal optimization solution

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Cooling Advisor
for self-optimization

Unlocks more than 10% data center cooling energy savings in-house simply by acting on recommendations



Cooling Advisor

Embedded into EkkoSoft Critical, the unique Cooling Advisor functionality provides operations teams with focused data center cooling performance recommendations and advisory actions to help monitor, manage and maximize your data center's thermal performance.

Clear recommended actions take advantage of EkkoSense’s PhD-level optimization expertise, to deliver a powerful self-optimization capability.


Powerful self-optimizing tools that deliver data center cooling energy savings and removal of thermal risk

Highlight cooling unit performance and provides insightful analysis of trends

Uncover critical cooling zones of influence using AI based analytics

Identify data center floor tiles or grilles that need changing



Provide guidance on immediate adjustments to cooling set points

Advise on any Computer Room Air Handlers that aren’t actively cooling, are in competition or that could be suspended or modified

Clearly track before and after changes


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