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Outstanding Cooling Efficiency

EkkoCool helps ensure adequate sub-station cooling, with capacity to spare, while also reducing risk and saving energy. Fans only ramp up when required, meaning that for the majority of the year the system runs only at part load and consumes only a fraction of the rated power.

Continuous Cooling

Our EkkoCool solution features an innovative redundancy mechanism to ensure that cooling is always maintained should one fan fail. This is achieved using a baffle plate that separates the fan plenum, ensuring that the working fan continues to draw air.

Making Full Use of Existing Apertures

Wherever possible, EkkoSense’s approach is to always use existing sub-station apertures as fresh air inlets, allowing cool air to enter the contained substation area, while drawing hot rejected air out of the room through industrial fabric ductwork.

Resolving thermal performance issues

With continued demands on the country’s existing power infrastructure, it’s critical that utility organizations do everything they can to reduce thermal risk and operational hazards across their networks.

Working with EkkoSense can help to bring down ambient temperature in facilities across your network, while also providing your infrastructure team with early insight into potential network performance degradation due to adverse conditions.

Comprehensive thermal optimization portfolio

EkkoSense provides a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey thermal optimization services for power and utility companies.

EkkoSense’s portfolio of solutions and services range from initial surveys, impact assessments, design and monitoring services through to the deployment of non-conductive active cooling, bespoke cooling applications and preventative powerline maintenance solutions. So, whether your networks depend on internal rooms, sub-stations, cabins, GRPs or remote cable lines, EkkoSense can help with a balanced cooling approach that leads directly to improved thermal performance and service quality.

EkkoIOT Remote Powerline Monitoring

Originally developed in association with SSEN, (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks), EkkoIoT was designed to address the business challenge of helping utility companies to proactively manage the maintenance of powerlines more efficiently.

Benefits of EkkoIOT

More cost-effective management - quicker response to outages

Prevent network downtime ROI based on 1 major outage prevented

Intelligent estate management from a central dashboard - dramatically speeds up network asset assessment

Enables fast deployment of maintenance teams to exact point of network failure should a fault occur during storms

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Reducing network risk with EkkoCool

Electrical sub-stations can reach much higher temperatures during the summer months, due to a combination of transformers producing high heat-loads and the lack of efficient ventilation in enclosed environments. To address this, our EkkoCool non-conductive active cooling solution guarantees significant temperature reductions over passive and typical extract solutions. This is achieved through the use of heat load containment that creates clearly defined areas of targeted cooling.

Optimizing Power network cooling and operations with EkkoSense

EkkoSense’s proven combination of utilities sector expertise and recognized thermal optimization skills makes the company an ideal choice for resolving your network’s specific thermal and cooling challenges. With experience assisting some of the world’s largest organizations in optimizing the thermal performance of their networks, EkkoSense can help power firms to address the end-to-end lifecycle of their network cooling equipment.

EkkoSense is committed to helping its customers extend the the lifecycle of their network equipment. To support this, we offer both proactive services to maintain and improve network cooling performance, as well as reactive works for out of service sites. Additionally, we also develop bespoke solutions such as our Proactive Powerline Management solution developed in association with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

Proactive services for major network operators

Our EkkoCool solution not only resolves thermal issues for secondary transformer chambers in buildings, rooms and GRP enclosures, but can also be scaled up to suit larger primary transformers when they are enclosed in sealed rooms. In addition, we help power firms to enable improved network thermal performance through detailed network Carbon Impact Assessments as well as Desktop Data Analysis to determine which network sites require priority thermal optimization. Here EkkoSense will filter and rank sites by priority and create a schedule for planned site fixes.

Reactive works for Out of Service sites

EkkoSense also provides a range of services to help support those sites that are currently out of service. This includes the application of Cooling Upgrade Packages for network sites that are running too hot; Design Upgrades for sites where equipment is overheating due to external factors; and Cooling System Deep Cleaning for those sites with hidden aircon equipment that is performing poorly.

Bespoke Solutions

Our unique EkkoSoft IOT solution is changing the way that utility companies track the performance of their remote assets. EkkoSoft IOT is an innovative, Internet of Things-based early warning solution that uses sensors installed on poles to monitor each powerline asset’s precise position and status. This enables power firms – for the first time – to proactively manage the ongoing maintenance of their extended powerline networks.

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