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Tracking Performance

EkkoSoft helps you track your PV or wind turbine renewables performance, generating alarms of varying severity to highlight potential failures and prevent potential renewables downtime.

Powerful Analysis Capability

Operators can use EkkoSoft data to show where networks are most reliable, identify optimum areas for deployment, and show how generation efficiency is impacted by weather conditions.

Estate Wide Monitoring

With some organizations running multiple sites and thousands of deployed systems, EkkoSoft offers support for multiple assets across different locations to monitor estate-wide performance.

Identifying potential issues remotely

Identifying potential issues at remote sites before they become a problem

To get the very best from renewable power sources – both PV and wind turbine generators – it’s essential that both operators and maintenance teams know exactly how renewable assets are performing. That’s where EkkoSense and our EkkoSoft monitoring software fits in – providing regular asset performance updates, and delivering critical data on both projected and actual energy generation.

Estate-wide performance monitoring

Find out how your renewables estate is really performing

EkkoSoft M2M software enables renewables operators to easily monitor critical data remotely. Key renewable asset information includes peak recorded energy generation, system capped ratings, anticipated energy generation per hour using geospatial data, actual energy generation per hour, as well as anticipated and actual annual generation.

Options for every kind of renewables estate

EkkoSense can implement its EkkoSoft monitoring and alarms software on both existing smart meters, or supply the smart meter with the EkkoSoft software already pre-configured.

With single and three-phase options, EkkoSense can also provide all the hardware operators may need to convert an existing network into the latest Internet of Things connected network.

With a proven track record with major deployments at organizations such as Nottingham City Homes – where EkkoSoft provides asset monitoring for 3000+ PV sites – EkkoSense ensures the stability you require to increase your renewables estate visibility and ensure it continues to operate at peak performance.

Comprehensive Renewables service capability

EkkoSense supports its Renewables software customers with a comprehensive services offering, ranging from initial installation of an organization’s existing renewable PV and wind turbine devices through to ongoing support, remote analysis and maintenance services.

For larger deployments the company also provides an added value Managed Services capability, aimed particularly at those organizations operating estates featuring hundreds of renewable devices.

For Managed Services customers, the EkkoSense Renewables team monitors estate-wide performance of PV and wind turbine systems, tracking actual vs. expected performance, identifying potential operational issues and also providing alerts when adverse weather conditions could impact renewable energy outputs. We also support customers in preparing and submitting their quarterly Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) submissions, ensuring that organizations optimize their FIT payment earnings.

“EkkoSoft Renewables solution to monitor over 3,000 solar installations for Nottingham City Homes

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