Presenting at ASHRAE CRC’18 - Anuraag Saxena

Cheryl Billson
PR and Communications

Sep 5, 2018

ASHRAE CRC’18 – showcasing software-driven thermal optimisation at the European Chapters Regional Conference

by Anuraag Saxena – Data Centre Optimisation Manager, EkkoSense

My colleague Jason Kaye and I are looking forward to presenting at the upcoming ASHRAE 18 CRC conference being held from September 6th to 9th at Loughborough University. We’ll be speaking at ASHRAE’s Technical Conference and Exhibition, and it’s a great opportunity for us to share EkkoSense’s philosophy of software-driven thermal optimisation with the global ASHRAE community.

Our presentation: “Immersive software, innovative sensors and expert services to optimise critical facilities” is scheduled for 15:15 on the first day – Thursday 6th September, and will centre on the critical role that adherence to ASHRAE cooling guidelines plays across both the data centre and building services communities.

EkkoSense’s data centre thermal optimisation process is all about spending time in data centres and closing the gap between their current thermal compliance / cooling energy efficiency performance and ASHRAE’s best practice guidelines. We believe that for true cooling optimisation it’s necessary for data centres to start going further and getting more granular thermal data. We also recognise that when this granular data is appropriately mapped (presented) and monitored, the end user/facility teams can maintain thermal efficiency, ensure risk-free Data Center operation and can maintain ASHRAE thermal compliance, all year round.

During our presentation we will briefly cover the three key thermal challenges that EkkoSense works with our clients to solve:

  • Reducing Data Centre Risk – the 2nd largest cause of loss and service, and the key challenge for data centre teams

  • Increasing Data Centre Capacity – many data centres have no real certainty around cooling demands, and hence are unsure around actual rack capacities

  • Cutting Data Centre energy consumption (and costs!) – Cooling is the 2nd largest consumer of data centre energy, and we consistently help firms save between 20-40% of their data centre energy cooling costs

Jason and I will also detail three specific case studies that demonstrate how effective software-driven thermal optimisation translates directly into performance improvements. For example, working with EkkoSense has lead to these benefits for the following organisations:

  • Case Study 1 – Key hot and cold spots removed, where previously there was a 47%/8 degree Celsius variance, 30% cooling energy saving & realisation of an additional 100kW+ cooling capacity

  • Case Study 2 – 19% energy reduction and ROI within the year, as well as ensuring 100% of racks within recommended ASHRAE range

  • Case Study 3 – 100% hot spot removal and 19% cooling energy saving

However, equally important are the longer term benefits of not just achieving ASHRAE data centre thermal compliance but also ensuring that all your data centre racks remain in compliance going forward. It’s this kind of consistent approach that’s key to optimising data centre thermal performance, and that’s where proven industry standards such as ASHRAE play such a key role in ensuring sustainable technology for the built environment.

At EkkoSense we’re looking forward to contributing to debate at the ASHRAE 18 CRC conference, and we’re also keen to learn from other ASHRAE participants and other HVAC&R stakeholders – it’s going to be a great event! If you would like to find out more please contact me [email protected]

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