We offer a range of flexible commercial models for software, sensor and consultancy engagements to meet any customer requirement

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DCOP Optimization Service
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EkkoSoft® Critical software
Critical Things® sensors
Monthly performance reports
Thermal optimization services
Sensor maintenance
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Energy saving

Remove thermal risk

Effective capacity management

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Energy saving

Remove thermal risk

Effective capacity management

Increased operational efficiency
Energy saving < 1 yr payback

Remove thermal risk

EkkoSense offers a unique combination of consultancy, software and hardware across a range of service levels tailored to provide data centers with optimal thermal solutions.

Full Service

Our full-service offering includes the following pro-active services from our PhD consultancy team.

Monthly performance reports

Because EkkoSoft Critical gives you intuitive access to all your critical cooling, power and capacity data, our reports enable you to monitor your cooling load, identify failing or inefficient assets, track the consumption and capacity of all your onsite power assets and manage your space utilization. Reporting is available for individual sites as well as across extended data center estates.

Quarterly airflow PPM

In addition to our SaaS offering, as part of our portfolio of Data Center Optimization services, our Thermal & Airflow PPM provides an ongoing programme of regular site visits to ensure that energy savings, risk management and future capacity requirements are consistently delivered.

EkkoSoft® Critical

When you combine the quality of granular thermal data that you gain from a fully-sensed data center with smart 3D visualization and analytics software for the first time, you can really start to track cooling loads in real-time.

Our innovative EkkoSoft Critical DCIM-class 3D monitoring, management and optimization software sets the standard when it comes to providing you with real-time visibility of your data center operational data. EkkoSoft Critical’s comprehensive Capacity Planning and Simulation capabilities combine to improve the management of the cooling, power and space aspects of your data center capacity – enabling you to identify potential problems before they start to threaten IT availability.

DCOP Data Center Optimization Service

DCOP activities significantly reduce the risks posed by potential thermal failures and range from airflow balancing and CRAC optimization through to full strategic cooling investigations and development of advanced business wide environmental and cooling O&M standards. To help exceed ASHRAE guidelines the DCOP team can also optimize BMS configurations to critical cooling systems, while comprehensive resilience testing enables organizations to adopt a more active approach to their ongoing thermal compliance.

Supply, installation and maintenance of sensors

Effective data sensing can potentially require thousands of sensors – enabling the measurement of a range of factors including energy usage, supply temperatures, heat outputs and airflow to help maximize data center performance. EkkoSense has introduced the low-cost Internet of Things enabled wireless sensors – making new levels of data center sensing accessible. The DCOP team can install and maintain these sensors for you.

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