Site Power View

Unique real time 3D visualization of
estate wide data center power usage

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Site Power View
for detailed analytics

Achieving power distribution insight from site level right down to rack power utilization




Site Power View

Site Power View directly addresses the requirement for real-time monitoring and planning of data center power.

An immersive and intuitive graphical user interface provides both data center IT and facilities management teams with immediate insight into rack power usage and associated PDU utilization across their estate.


Visualization and reporting at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex traditional DCIM and BMS solutions

Easily track power usage at rack, room or estate level

Unique 3D power schematic visualization simplifies capacity management

Make immediate capacity decisions across connected rooms



Negate the need for unwieldy spreadsheets with interactive reporting covering:

Power Usage Total Power Kw, IT Power Kw, Cooling Power Kw, PUE

Power Usage Breakdown Site Mains, IT (UPS) Power, IT (DC) Power, Cooling Power, Miscellaneous Power and other non-DC Power

Power Capacity Summary, Site Power Capacity, IT Power (UPS) and (DC) Limits, Capacity Overviews


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