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About EkkoSense

Who are EkkoSense?

The UKs leading thermal experts, providing unique software systems and expert services to optimize critical equipment rooms

What is the history of EkkoSense?

The EkkoSense team consists of PhD and Masters level experts and have been developing cooling products and thermal software systems for 25+ years. We have installed innovative products and delivered cooling expertise to thousands of sites all over the globe

Are EkkoSense just another IOT company?

No, we have used our years of thermal expertise to develop a measuring and visualization system that is aligned with the unique needs of data centers

EkkoSoft Critical Software

What is EkkoSoft?

A SaaS platform providing immersive 3D visualizations, unique cooling and airflow insights and one-click capacity management for data center environments

What are the benefits of EkkoSoft?

EkkoSoft enables cooling energy savings, reduces thermal risk and allows unlocks stranded capacity

Can you demonstrate the benefits?

Our software has enabled energy saving and risk reduction benefits at countless blue-chip customers, many of which are case studies and would happily provide a reference call. We routinely deliver energy savings of up to 30%

Do I need the services with EkkoSoft?

No, the software is very simple to use and has been designed to enable operators to drive the benefits themselves. However, we often find that customers want the expert EkkoSense thermal team to carry out a one-off optimization process at the outset and demonstrate the full power of EkkoSoft

How does it differ from the competition?

EkkoSoft is the most powerful, lowest cost and easiest to use platform on the market for managing data center thermal and cooling performance

Critical Things Technology

What data do you collect and how?

We have the lowest cost range of wireless sensors to provide thermal and humidity data along with unique CRAC sensors for providing real-time cooling duty information

Why isn’t measuring rack temperature alone sufficient?

Rack temperatures only tell you how well your racks are being cooled, they do not reveal how the cooling is being achieved or how much power is being used. To deliver optimization and savings you need the unique CRAC sensors which provide insight into the actual operation of your cooling system

What protocols do your sensors use?

The Critical Things sensors communicate in the 868Mhz ISM band which avoids interference with or from Wi-Fi

How do your sensors link to EkkoSoft?

The sensors transmit wirelessly to an EkkoHub which then sends the data over a wired VPN or 3G cellular connection to the servers

Can I buy the sensors without EkkoSoft?



Why do you deploy so many sensors?

Unless all racks are monitored the thermal visualizations can be misleading and may overlook problems areas with hotspots or excessive cooling

Can I measure rack top and bottom temperature?

Yes, you can deploy multiple inlet and return sensors to measure multiple points and also show delta information

What is the sensor battery life?

Depending on polling interval (2-minutes by default), we guarantee a 5-year battery life (3 years for display sensors). The sensors are equipped with replaceable ½ AA batteries

What is the lead time of EkkoSoft?

2-4 weeks for the supply of the hardware

Where is EkkoSoft housed?

EkkoSoft is housed on AWS, providing a scalable, secure and resilient platform for even the most demanding of customers

How secure is EkkoSoft?

We take security extremely seriously and we have installations at some of the largest financial institutions in the world. We will shortly be accredited to ISO 27001. All data transfers are encrypted and all wireless data is transferred using 128-bit AES encryption

Is EkkoSoft similar to CFD, DCIM or BMS?

No, EkkoSoft is different to all of those. We use real-time data and not simulated results, we don’t focus on the IT assets and we don’t claim to be a mission critical control system. We work alongside or negate the need for some of those systems

Does it integrate with other systems?

Yes, we routinely interface with 3rd party hardware and software via Modbus, SNMP and other protocols. We also provide an API for extracting data from EkkoSoft

What do I need to use EkkoSoft?

You just need a relatively modern browser to access EkkoSoft and it can be accessed on any device


How much does EkkoSoft cost?

We have a transparent and straightforward pricing model with flexibility to suit single rooms through to large estates. As a guide, for a 10,000 sq ft room, SaaS would be $5k pa. Per credit SaaS pricing reduces based on contract length (up to 5 years).

How much are the sensors?

The Critical Things sensors are the most cost-effective sensors on the market and prices start from $30

Can you provide any special pricing models?

Yes, we have pricing models to suit all requirements from single site facilities through to estate wide rollouts. We can also provide ‘full service’ pricing which provides an OPEX model including optimization services and ongoing PPM with the software and hardware

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