Full end-to-end data center simulation and data center infrastructure modeling software

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AI compute is driving an exponential rate of change within data centers. Are you ready?

EkkoSim simulation and infrastructure digital twin data center modeling derisks your journey to AI compute cooling, power and capacity.

Unlimited, precise
‘what if’ scenarios

Drawing on data center and grey space modeling and simulations across your full, end-to-end infrastructure, EkkoSIM creates the industry’s most precise cooling, power and capacity scenarios.

Zero in on the
right a

From the CFO validating investments, the CIO seeking more performance, or FM services seeking greater capacity, EkkoSim enables superior informed decision-making across your entire team.

Fully integrates with EkkoSoft Critical v8

Seamlessly integrates with our award winning data center optimization platform, drawing on our 50 billion point data lake to provide actual vs predicted performance data.

Model, predict, deploy with confidence.

EkkoSim Configuration
EkkoSim Simulation Overview

Unlimited data center simulation scenarios made simple.

EkkoSim QuickSim

Using Quick SIM capability to make changes to the IT load, adjust the number of assets or test site performance under different external conditions.

EkkoSim Graphical Analysis

EkkoSIM can run these for periods up to five years, with KPI analysis including energy usage, seasonal PUE, CO2 emissions, costs and capacity.

EkkoSim Configuration

Created for electrical and mechanical systems based on performance design data from manufacturers.

EkkoSim Alternative Cooling

Simulating cooling configurations such as air and water-cooled chillers, liquid-cooled IT racks, chilled water, split DX units, air-cooled chillers, liquid cooling IT racks, immersion cooling and air economizers.

EkkoSim Resilience Testing

With N+R and 2N+R resilience testing for both shared or staged loading, with power and cooling distribution circuits able to split and combine for performance simulation under failure scenarios.

EkkoSim Consultant Briefing

Use the data center modeling software to present a thoroughly planned concept to consultants for discussion rather than going to them with a potentially expensive ‘blank canvas’.