Monitor - Manage - Maximize

...your data center performance
with EkkoSoft® Critical software
and Critical Things® sensor technology

A unique solution for monitoring, planning and optimizing
your critical data center environments

Reduce risk

Cooling issues still account for almost a third of unplanned data center outages.

EkkoSoft Critical provides 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance, significantly reducing risk.

Save energy

The best data centers still have power and capacity issues and cooling is the second largest energy consumer.

EkkoSoft Critical has provided the platform for 24% average cooling energy savings with an ROI of 10 months.

Release capacity

The majority of data centers are typically only running at 34% cooling capacity.

EkkoSoft Critical provides real-time cooling capacity insight to stop unnecessary spend on new cooling systems.

Improve visibility

Less than 5% of data center managers gather the data required to effectively manage thermal performance.

EkkoSoft Critical provides unrivalled levels of thermal insight in an intuitive and understandable way.

“We knew from past projects that EkkoSense could help us reduce our operational exposure to thermal risk. So far, we have secured better than expected cooling energy savings with $115,000 already secured. Clearly, engaging with EkkoSense to deliver thermal optimization across our 5 sites has proved to be a smart decision for Daisy Group.”

Michael Sheridan, Head of Facilities at Daisy Group

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Internationally recognized consulting and knowledge base,
universally trusted delivery solutions, world class regional support

About our global partners

Presents real-time granular insight in an immersive environment

Easily focus on critical thermal issues to maintain an optimized site from any device, any time and any place

Manage, build and simulate

Simple installation of pre-synched EkkoSensors or integrate with 3rd party hardware

Rapid 3D room builder

Immersive VR/AR reality engine

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Monitor, analyze and report

AI based analytics

Intuitive comparison tools and ‘what if’ simulations

Understand real-time cooling duty

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Maximize, optimize and analyze

Estate wide dashboard

Easy to understand one click reporting tools

Performance recommendations and advisory actions

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Our innovative architecture

Easily integrate existing hardware and software systems to provide intuitive, real-time thermal insights

At a fraction of the cost and far simpler ongoing management than traditional DCIM and CFD platforms


Easy to install Critical Things sensors and hubs to provide instant rack level and cooling unit level thermal data into EkkoSoft Critical.


Rapid build of your data center layout with EkkoSoft Critical’s intuitive interface.

Utilizing real-time data from Critical Things sensors, our analytics engine provides unique thermal insights to optimize your data center.


Easy to understand and insightful information providing: Financial savings for the CFO, risk reduction for the Data Center Manager, increased capacity for the facility manager. Everyone happy!

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