Unlock stranded capacity and power. Run your data centers leaner with the EkkoSense capacity planning tool

Intuitive, real-time M&E data center capacity planning and power management

Taking data center capacity planning and management to the next level

EkkoSense’s distinctive software optimization model lets data center teams gather and visualize capacity planning, power and cooling performance at a much more granular level.

The capacity planning tool goes beyond traditional DCIM reporting to provide tangible M&E insights that – in turn – enable data center estates to be run much leaner. Decisions can be made more quickly thanks to EkkoSoft Critical’s true live capacity planning tool and power planning functionality.

Transitioning from static legacy DCIM approaches to true live capacity planning and power management helps operations teams take things to the next level. This makes the real-time operation and management of space, power and cooling a reality for entire enterprise estates – from Edge sites through to the largest rooms.


Track capacity and power in real-time

Real-time monitoring of data center capacity and power ensures support for immediate capacity decisions across connected rooms – providing teams with a consistent platform to effectively manage their M&E operations.


Simpler data center management

Clear 3D digital twin visualizations let data center teams analyze multiple complex capacity and power datasets – making it easy to manage capacity and power changes either on a room-by-room or estate-wide basis.


Unlocking stranded capacity and power

The ability to manage allocated and reserved capacity, cooling and power enables data center teams to release any stranded capacity that was previously unavailable.


Rack reporting for colocation customers

Colocation customers benefit from detailed rack capacity planning and power reporting across custom rack groups – supporting internal data center cross-charging.


Intuitive Ticketing & Change Workflows

Ticketing supports a simple workflow process to enable operations teams to track and manage all capacity and power changes across their estate.


Multi-Factor Regression Analysis

Our Multi-Factor Regression Analysis report ensures that optimization is tracked against weather conditions and changing IT loads to ensure optimization savings and performance are maximized.


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