ESG and data center sustainability reporting requirements are changing.

Get your your operations ready for CSRD and EED.

The ‘AAA’ Standard for Reporting

ISO/IEC 30134 series KPIs will be required under new CSRD and EED guidance.

Ekkosense-ISO/IEC 30134-series-KPIs

Ekkosoft Critical is ESG reporting ready

Are you ready for the new CSRD and revised EED ESG reporting directives? Compliance with the EC Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) requires data centres operating in the EU to have been tracking their energy efficiency since May 2023. At the same time the data collection start point for the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is January 1st, 2024.

With many operations still relying on spreadsheets to track data center energy performance, reporting can be time-consuming and inaccurate. This presents a problem given that the new directives require fully auditable standards-based ESG reporting. Deviation from correct data collection and reporting methods is likely to be uncovered by an audit. Therefore a far greater degree of accuracy is now required.

This level of ESG reporting will take considerable operational support and time – imposing a significant resource burden. Many legacy DCIM and BMS tools don’t even offer suitable reporting. This becomes more complex depending on room and site numbers and it can be hard to access the level of evidence-based real-world ESG performance data needed for CSRD and the revised EED.

Without access to granular level sustainability reporting data, it’s going to be very difficult to answer questions about rack density, power usage, PUE measurements, and any inevitable data center changes.

EkkoSense has the answer. The good news is that Ekkosoft Critical delivers the real-time granular performance data you need, with the tool set for analysis and reporting built in.

Book a demo to see how EkkoSoft Critical works for yourself. To find out more – read the blog ‘Is your team ready for the data center reporting requirements? Or, download the free eBook ‘CSR for data centres – are you ready?’



The EkkoSense data center optimization solution is fully automated and complements your existing systems. There’s no need for large teams of specialists to maintain and manually analyze out-of-date reporting spreadsheets – keeping your operations lean and HR overheads to a minimum.



Whether you’re a small, single-site data center or a large multi-site estate, EkkoSense AI and machine learning crunches information from billions of data points to deliver accurate, real-time optimization insights. Saving cooling energy, reducing emissions, mitigating risk, and generating full reporting on the latest ESG and sustainability KPIs.



With organizations required to begin monitoring to the new ISO resource efficiency KPIs from January 2024, EkkoSense is ahead of the game. EkkoSoft Critical gives you the reporting framework you need to stay compliant, and you can be up and running with ESG Reporting in just weeks!

Data gathering required
from January 2024!

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