Data Center Digital Twin

Immersive real-time optimization of all your data center rooms from the smallest Edge site through to your largest facility.

EkkoSense = Winner of the ASHRAE 2024 Digital Twins (Data Centers) Award


Comprehensive real-time visibility across your entire data center enterprise estate.

Intuitive interaction, with accessible 3D visualizations and a simple drag-and-drop interface providing access to a broad range of M&E functionality.

Clear visualizations that help to successfully communicate complex data – making it easier to compare changes and highlight potential anomalies.

Support for ongoing data center optimization through the active display of suggested airflow and cooling improvements.

Removes the requirement for over-complex DCIM suites or expensive, non real-time external CFD consultancy.

Real-time visualizations based on latest monitoring results, with digital twins refreshed to reflect updates.

Intuitive data center Digital Twin approach for increased visibility

One of the main barriers to data center optimization has always been the complexity of traditional DCIM tools and CFD solutions.

EkkoSense solves this challenge by creating a concise data center Digital Twin of your environment. We draw on new levels of sensing granularity, real-time analytics and innovative gaming software techniques. This makes immersive real-time optimization of all your data center rooms a reality – from the smallest Edge site through to your largest facility.

Our powerful 3D visualization and analytics platform makes data center optimization far more accessible. The intuitive Digital Twin models take things to the next level. Digital Twins not only keep things simple by visually representing all your current cooling, power and thermal conditions, but also offer immediate tangible recommendations for continuous optimization.

EkkoSense was announced as the Winner of the ASHRAE UK Technology Award project category for Digital Twins (Data Centers) in May 2024.


Visibility across the end-to-end critical facilities estate

Digital Twin models expand to capture your entire critical infrastructure, from Edge sites such as single server rooms, cabins and containerized pods, remote server rooms as well as the largest facilities.


Rapid Room Builder

Lets you quickly build, populate and edit your data center rooms in 3D, with a simple interface and a range of layouts including first person, plan, 3D views and power schematics, with layout history fully accessible for key audits, tracking or quality processes.


Live 3D views

The Live 3D views available make it even easier to support real-time thermal decision-making, covering all aspects of your data center performance including intuitive thermal overviews, cooling, power and space capacity.


Clear insight into progress of carbon reduction initiatives

EkkoSense’s data center Digital Twin helps visualize energy saving and carbon reduction activities, providing immediate support for data center initiatives to improve their environmental footprint.


Interactive ‘Point-in-Time’ overlays

By capturing and comparing split-screen ‘point-in-time’ comparison views, data center operations teams can clearly identify thermal changes before and after any significant upgrades or optimization works and input critical survey data as additional overlay.


Unlocking continuous optimization

Legacy DCIM-style tools make it almost impossible to interpret and act on the increasing number of data points enabled by more granular sensing. Digital Twins encourage operations teams to transition from basic monitoring to identifying and acting on thermal, power and capacity opportunities.


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