Cooling Advisor

The industry’s first fully embedded AI driven data center cooling advisory tool.
It’s just like having your own in-house optimization consultant – then some!


Intuitive process specifically designed to provide operations teams with clear recommendations of next best action to undertake to step towards maximal optimization efficiency including data center cooling.

Users can progress towards optimization goals at their own pace, taking advantage of Cooling Advisor recommendations to reach and maintain best practice operations.

Advisory actions are all structured to ensure support for 100% ASHRAE rack thermal compliance – ensuring protection from thermal risk across your data centers.

Active risk mitigation is in-built – with clearly defined steps, back-out mechanisms and logging of all user inputs and activities available within the module.

Optimization Rating


An entirely new performance metric (ranked up to 1,000) that brings together temperature and cooling load data to provide a true measure of data center cooling optimization, based on thermal compliance and control. Designed to complement existing PUE ratings, the EkkoScore metric reveals exactly how well optimized each data center room is – providing live insight into an organization’s adherence to best practice data center optimization and ASHRAE guidelines.

There’s nothing like having your own smart Cooling Advisor.

Cooling Advisor applies powerful machine learning and AI technology to provide valuable, proactive thermal advice. This helps facilities managers, energy managers and data center operations teams ensure their data center’s thermal performance stays optimized.

Built right into the heart of the EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualization and analytics software, Cooling Advisor is the industry’s first process-driven advisory capability available as part of a thermal optimization solution. By following the clear recommendations offered by Cooling Advisor’s algorithms, data center teams can independently keep on track in their journey to secure up to 30% cooling energy savings.

Powered by machine learning insights from over 50 million EkkoSoft Critical data points, Cooling Advisor also draws on the deep cooling optimization best practice expertise of EkkoSense’s team of PhD-level thermal, software and electronics engineers. Cooling Advisor keeps on learning – both from the success of its own recommendations as well as broader EkkoSense optimization insights.


Cooling Advisor features a range of powerful self-optimizing capabilities that enable data center teams to benefit from continuous year-round performance optimization.


Clear Guidance on Cooling Adjustments

Thanks to EkkoSoft Critical’s round-the-clock monitoring of temperatures, Cooling Advisor can offer focused guidance around adjustments to cooling unit setpoints, cooling unit fan speed settings and cooling unit standby configurations.


Supporting Dynamic Critical Facilities

Data centers are constantly changing. With Cooling Advisor, you can ensure your facility remains thermally optimized throughout the addition and removal of IT equipment and associated cooling – as well as ensuring support for any new workloads as required.


Identify Floor Grilles that should be removed or relocated

Simply by acting on Cooling Advisor recommendations, data center teams can take control of thermal optimization – for example, by identifying a better floor grille layout to target air delivery only where it is needed.


Streamlined Optimization Process

Key features here include the use of task lists to focus separately on AHU or floor grille layout optimizations, as well as the ability to flag and unflag items that cannot be implemented in a specific site and visible countdown timers to prevent potentially overlapping changes prior to confirmed optimization.


Full Risk Mitigation and Governance

Cooling Advisor ensures mitigation of risk by defining clear steps, providing obvious back-out mechanisms and also offering clear logging of all user inputs and engagements within Cooling Advisor.


24/7 Thermal Risk Coverage

Cooling Advisor proactively uses the real-time temperature data gathered by sensors from across the data center to help ensure 100% ASHRAE rack thermal compliance. Potential cooling anomalies are also detected by uncovering critical Zones of Influence.


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