Typical ROI delivered in less than 12 months.

Rapid data center cost savings

EkkoSense project costs covered by cooling energy savings

Project costs typically covered by cooling energy savings alone!

Unlike many established DCIM solutions that often struggle to offer any genuine return on investment, EkkoSense customers experience impressive returns with a typical ROI in less than 12 months. Indeed, most organizations using EkkoSoft Critical to optimize their data center performance find that their overall EkkoSense project costs are covered by cooling energy savings alone!

Our software-driven optimization approach is already helping customers to unlock data center cooling efficiency improvements of up to 30% – and that’s before you factor in other tangible savings from capacity release, delayed cooling infrastructure investment and reduced downtime.


Benefits available immediately with payback in under 12 months

While typical ROI for EkkoSense projects is achieved in under a year, initial optimization and ongoing performance management ensures that the benefits of cooling energy savings are available almost immediately. Flexible commercial models are available including – multi-year funded opex, one-off capex, traditional missed opex/capex.


Low overhead, light touch deployment

EkkoSense’s combination of wireless sensors, web-based 3D visualizations with analytics and simple installation make for light touch deployments, providing powerful functionality with minimal overheads.


Accelerated time to cooling energy and carbon savings

In contrast to DCIM solutions that can take years to implement, software-driven thermal optimization gives your data center teams rapid access to the insights they need – accelerating the time to project benefits and ROI.


Reduced capex spend

Cutting data center cooling energy costs prevents often unnecessary additional capex spend on cooling infrastructure -budget which can then be utilized on other critical projects.


Project costs financed by cooling energy savings

Most EkkoSense customers find that the costs associated with their software optimization projects are typically financed by the cooling energy savings achieved within the first year. Continuous optimization helps to unlock further value as IT loads changes over time.


Freeing up essential operational and FM resources

For teams struggling with unwieldy spreadsheets or over-complex DCIM systems, EkkoSoft Critical simplifies data center optimization – freeing up valuable data center operations and FM resources.


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