Remove thermal and power risk.

Enabling 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal data center compliance.

Benefit from risk reduction and data center compliance

Thermal issues rank as the second largest cause of data center loss of service – accounting for almost a third of unplanned data center outages. Because organizations simply can’t afford to let their data centers fail, there can be no room for complacency.

So, it’s hardly surprising that data center operations teams hedge against potential thermal failure by routinely over-cooling their facilities. However, optimization pressures and carbon consumption considerations are making this strategy increasingly unsustainable. Cooling inefficiencies also often mean that over-cooling efforts don’t always protect against loss of service.

EkkoSense solves this data center compliance problem. Our EkkoSoft Critical software-driven optimization approach helping you to remove 100% of thermal risk from your data center operations.


Live real-time thermal visualizations

Real-time thermal visualizations give data center teams access to the live cooling and power data they need to track the heartbeat of critical operations


100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance

Some 15% of racks still remain outside of ASHRAE guidelines for inlet temperatures in the data center industry. Use EkkoSense to protect against cooling issues that account for almost one third of unplanned outages


Eliminate thermal hotspots

With EkkoSoft Critical in place you can successfully eliminate thermal hotspots, improve your site resilience and gain early insight into potential issues -before they become critical and breach key SLAs


Zones of Influence

Innovative ‘Zones of Influence’ functionality combines real-time cooling duties with rack-level thermal data. This provides dynamic insights into true cooling capacity &utilization levels for increased resiliency

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Continuous thermal optimization

With the integrated Cooling Advisor, EkkoSoft Critical ensures that data centers maintain and improve efficiency, giving operational teams pro-active cooling optimization advice


Identify potential risks earlier

EkkoSoft Critical lets actively manage your complete power chain – from mains incomer down to rack-level. This lets you analyze all your power performance, either from a single room or across your whole estate.


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