Visualizing grille or supply tile data center airflows with EkkoSoft Critical

Visualizing grille or supply tile airflows with EkkoSoft Critical


Data center airflows. Being able to do this can provide a great benchmark, but it’s even more useful if you could visualise exactly how air is being distributed through your grilles. Having access to this kind of real-time data would allow you to see where you have lower or higher airflows – helping engineers to understand where there might be potential problems – and also offering a great option to help in terms of balancing the room.

The good news is that visualising data center airflow is definitely something you can achieve with EkkoSoft Critical – indeed using our software will prove much more effective that other approaches such as a CFD study. For example, you might have a hotspot in a particular corner of a room. If you’ve already had an airflow study done at some stage, then this might provide some insight, but of course that’s only an illustration of how things were back when the study was actually completed – not right now.

This kind of scenario often ends up with a decision to add more cooling in order to fix the problem. But before spending $$$ on further cooling, it makes much more sense to understand exactly what’s happening with your grille airflows.

That’s where EkkoSoft Critical can help with data center airflow – enabling your operations team to drill down into real-time grille airflows, and build a clear visual representation of what’s happening across your room in real-time. Comparing current against previous airflow performance might indicate a potential blockage under the grille – and allow your team to make a smarter engineering decision that could remove the requirement for additional cooling equipment.

EkkoSoft Critical’s powerful 3D visualisation platform makes it easy for operations teams to map these airflows within each room, helping to eliminate thermal hotspots and also track these against each room’s Zones of Influence to gain a more dynamic insight into true cooling capacity and utilisation levels.

The ability to visualise grille airflows provides a great illustration of EkkoSoft Critical’s fitness for purpose – removing the need for expensive and time consuming studies, providing your engineers with a real-time view of precise thermal performance, and also helping to prevent unnecessary cooling hardware expenditure.

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