Cost effective monitoring for granular insight into your cooling and power environment

With ultra-low cost wireless sensors and intuitive 3D visualizations, EkkoSoft Critical makes the immersive real-time thermal and power monitoring of data centers a reality

Unique sensor technologies for data center optimization

The Critical Things family of sensors and integration capabilities disrupts traditional cost models for monitoring to make real-time thermal management of data centers a reality

Immersive real-time thermal and power monitoring

EkkoSoft Critical combines the latest visualization techniques and granular levels of IOT sensors to provide data center teams with the most intuitive, insightful platform in the industry

Wireless Sensors

Low-cost IoT-enabled sensors support your transition towards a ‘fully-sensed’ data center environment


Unique vendor agnostic sensor to show real-time cooling duty and performance analytics for any type of cooling unit

Power & Integration

Offering a wide range of integration including Obix, Modbus, SNMP, RestAPI and BACnet, as well as support for 3rd party sensors

Rapid Room Builder

Simple interface to build and edit room layouts, including first person, plan, 3D views and power schematics

Thermal Compliance Monitoring

Monitor and report on thermal and cooling data down to rack, cooling unit and grille level

Track AC and DC Power

Track estate level, room level and rack level power consumption

Powerful data center infrastructure management capabilities

Seeing your data center environments digital twin in a realistic, 360° real-time view means you can quickly identify thermal and power optimization opportunities

What If? Analysis capabilities

EkkoSoft Critical provides unrivalled M&E capacity planning and simulation capabilities to help ensure you have the right cooling, power and space capacity strategies in place

Rapid room builder

Build, populate and edit data center rooms quickly using our 3D room builder to support quick ‘What If?’ simulations

3D simulation tool

Instantly see the cooling, power and space impact when adding new racks or cooling to the white space

M&E capacity planning

Space planning and reserved space allocation help you unlock further capacity from your existing data center cooling and power infrastructure

Simple cooling, power and space capacity planning

EkkoSoft Critical provide real-time M&E capacity planning and reporting for cooling, power and space at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex DCIM solutions


Site and room level power visualizations allow for quick assessment of power capacity including AC & DC systems, mains incomer, generator and UPS levels


Innovative ‘Zones of Influence’ combines real-time cooling duties with rack level thermal data to provide unique insights into true cooling capacity and utilization levels


Simple drag and drop interface to add new elements and plan minor rack changes through to complete new room layouts

Maximizing data center performance
with EkkoSoft Critical

EkkoSoft Critical advanced features - such as M&E scenario planning & simulation and unique cooling analytics - provide powerful management capabilities and insights to maximize data center performance

Software driven data center optimization

With its powerful mix of optimization and cooling analytics capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help you maximize your data center performance

Zone-by-zone cooling analytics - with EkkoAir

EkkoSoft Critical is able to map the cooling zones of influence active within any data center environment to help with resiliency and capacity planning decisions

Continuous thermal optimization

EkkoSoft Critical’s advisory functionality identifies floor grilles that need moving, recommends adjustments to set points and highlights CRAH units that aren’t actively cooling

Autonomous cooling control

EkkoSense Beta customers are already benefiting from fully autonomous cooling control as part of an continuous optimization strategy. EkkoSoft Critical links to cooling units to maintain an optimal cooling configuration via automated controls

Energy saving, risk reduction and capacity release

Cooling energy savings of up to 30%, thermal compliance to ASHRAE standards and capacity release by utlilising assets more effectively

Experts in delivering cooling energy savings

EkkoSense has 25+ years of experience of working within critical environments to resolve complex airflow and thermal issues for our customers

Our unique optimization programme has enabled customers to achieve significant cooling energy savings (24% on average)

Thermal and airflow tracking before, during and after

EkkoSoft Critical allows a managed approached to any optimization programme, providing clear tracking throughout the process

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