Data center cooling – Using Cooling Anomaly Detection for troubleshooting and proactive maintenance  

Cooling Anomaly Detection

EkkoSoft Critical’s new Cooling Anomaly Detection uses our AI analytics to add powerful functionality that can identify M&E equipment performance anomalies ahead of a potential equipment failure. This obviously has an important role to play in not only troubleshooting possible data center cooling faults but also in enabling more proactive maintenance.

EkkoSense Cooling Anomaly Detection

Cooling Anomaly Detection uses the data that EkkoSoft Critical collects from M&E equipment performance such as CRACs to focus in on any drift from control set-points and alert any abnormal changes in performance. The next stage is to remotely diagnose the likely cause of any abnormal data center cooling performance – such as a stuck valve or a broken fan. This level of insight helps data center operations teams to move beyond traditional reactive monitoring to a more proactive maintenance approach.

Where Cooling Anomaly Detection really delivers is in its ability to identify any units that are not operating as expected, but that haven’t yet reached the threshold for generating any alarms within BMS systems, or hit any temperature set points within the room. Cooling Anomaly Detection combines with the regression report in our Cooling Advisor or Reporting to help operations teams keep on top of this kind of optimization ‘drift’.

Examples of the kind of issues that Cooling Anomalies Detection can highlight include: airflow/fan failures; cooling/refrigeration faults; machine faults; cooling unit overloaded, and cooling unit underloaded. Cooling Anomaly Detection provides a great way for data center engineers and managers to get on top of potential issues. Here’s how it works:

  • First inspect the room and identify an area with abnormal environmental conditions
  • Select the data center cooling unit that appears to have abnormal readings in order to investigate further
  • View the cooling anomaly that has been detected
  • Dispatch help to fix the issue before an outage occurs
  • Receive proactive anomaly alerts for cooling faults, airflow faults and high duty alarms

See how simple it is to put Cooling Anomaly Detection to work by watching our Tech Tips video here.

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