Risk reduction

Cooling issues still account for almost a third of unplanned
data center outages.

EkkoSoft® Critical provides
100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance,
significantly reducing risk

Eliminating thermal risk

Thermal issues rank as the second largest cause of data center loss of service, accounting for almost a third of unplanned data center outages. There can never be any room for complacency and organizations simply can’t let their data centers fail.

It’s not surprising that operations teams hedge against potential thermal failure by routinely over-cooling their data centers. And with the huge financial and personal risks involved, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, cooling inefficiencies often mean these efforts are misguided, with the result that around 11% of racks aren’t actually able to maintain 100% ASHRAE data center cooling compliance.

But with EkkoSense on board you don’t have to worry. We work with you to remove thermal risk from your data centers. In fact, our proven approach is so successful we guarantee to remove 100% of thermal risk from your data center operations.

The EkkoSense difference

Real-time thermal visualization

It’s hard to identify what’s causing thermal issues without live, real-time visualizations. EkkoSense gives you access to the real-time cooling and power coverage you need to track your critical heartbeat operational data.

Eliminate thermal hotspots and improve resilience

And with our EkkoSoft Critical software in place you can successfully eliminate thermal hotspots, improve your site resilience and gain early insight into potential issues before they become critical and cause an SLA breach.

Our visual intuitive software helps you focus on areas with abnormally high or fluctuating temperatures, pinpoint causes immediately and fix problems faster. We also offer a full range of configurable alarms to alert nominated staff whenever data center racks or cooling components go out of condition.

100% ASHRAE thermal rack compliance

Our combination of PhD-level thermodynamics expertise, immersive 3D software, innovative sensors ensures 100% ASHRAE thermal rack compliance, protecting your critical environment from thermal risk.

Benefit from risk reduction in your data center whatever your role

Chief Financial Officer

Removing a business-critical risk

Data center availability is critical. Any downtime can lead to either millions in lost revenues or potential business closure. EkkoSense protects your organization against this by removing thermal risk – one of the key factors behind data center downtime

Data Center Manager


Reliability is the top priority for data center managers, and anything that can be done to reduce risk is of critical importance. EkkoSoft Critical’s ability to completely remove 100% of thermal risk from data center operations makes it an essential part of your ongoing operating model


EkkoSense has over 25 years’ proven expertise in optimizing the performance of critical equipment rooms, meaning you can trust our team to understand and solve your data center challenges, and our software to support your day-to-day operations

Facilities Manager


Facilities Managers need to ensure that their facility is compliant with the strictest thermal standards to meet comprehensive compliance and risk obligations. EkkoSense ensures that your data centers conform to the highest ASHRAE specifications

DCIM for the rest of us

Over-complex DCIM or consultancy-led CFD approaches can be confusing. Unlike difficult to integrate and hard-to-use DCIM systems, EkkoSense is easy-to-use and gives you all the control you need to monitor, manage and maximize your data centers

IT Manager


EkkoSense’s proven ability to improve thermal performance helps you to identify potential issues earlier that could threaten your ongoing IT availability. Early resolution makes it much easier for IT teams to perform against their five 9s targets

Simple to use

EkkoSense’s Live 3D views and simple Estate Page dashboards make it easy to support real-time thermal decision-making, while features such as Rapid Room Builder and What If? Simulation support mean it’s just a matter of drag and drop to run complex simulations

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