Capacity increased

Most data centers don’t know their current cooling utilization which is typically at only 34% capacity.

EkkoSoft® Critical provides real-time insight so, instead of adding more cooling systems, you can take advantage of our comprehensive M&E capacity planning with full cooling and power coverage

Release capacity

When it comes to managing change or adding new IT loads, many data center operations teams have a problem. Despite spending a lot of time ensuring they have all the right cooling, power and space strategies in place, most data centers still have no real insight into their current cooling utilization.

So when introducing new IT racks, many simply just keep on adding more and more cooling equipment to cover anticipated need. That’s not only expensive but also inefficient – particularly as it turns out that most data centers typically run with cooling unit utilization rates of just 34%!

The EkkoSense difference

This is where our EkkoSoft Critical software can make a real difference - helping you to be much more precise in your data center capacity planning. EkkoSoft Critical delivers real-time access to all your data center’s critical heartbeat power, cooling and space data, providing unrivalled M&E Capacity Planning and Simulation capabilities, with tools including:

M&E capacity planning

Space planning and reserved space allocation to help you unlock further capacity from your existing data center cooling and power infrastructure.

3D simulation

Letting you instantly see the actual power, cooling and space impact on your data center when adding new racks or cooling.

Rapid room builder

Allowing you to build, populate and edit your data center rooms quickly using our 3D data center room builder functionality for much simpler ‘What If?’ real- time scenario simulations.

‘Zones of influence’

Combining real-time cooling duty with rack level thermal data to provide clear insight into your true cooling capacity and utilization information in specific areas of your data center.

With EkkoSoft Critical, capacity planning suddenly gets a whole lot simpler – giving your data center team the ability to experiment safely with rack, power and cooling layouts. And thanks to EkkoSense’s real-time insight you can easily drag and drop new IT loads, making instant capacity decisions without the need to resort to adding more cooling systems.

Benefit from increased capacity in your data center whatever your role

Chief Financial Officer

Make your data center more efficient

Data Center managers often believe that their operations are already operating efficiently and don’t require further optimization. EkkoSense gives CFOs the powerful information they need to drive additional improvements from their expensive critical facilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations always need to be seen to be delivering against green commitments. Optimizing data center performance, while also securing significant energy cost reductions, provides demonstrable evidence of your green initiative at work

Data Center Manager

Tangible results

When it comes to optimizing the performance of critical facilities, Data Center managers using EkkoSense benefit from clear advice about the specific actions needed, rather than the often vague suggestions they get from DCIM and CFD

Optimization made simple

EkkoSense’s combination of accessible SaaS solutions, easy to understand data center room visualizations and integral Cooling Advisory support makes life much easier for your team, giving them the tools needed to achieve true airflow optimization

Facilities Manager

Cooling maintenace

Effective data center thermal optimization translates directly to reduced cooling maintenance costs. The resulting shift away from over-cooling your data center estate opens up the potential for extending your PPM times from six to 12 months

Simple M&E capacity planning

EkkoSoft Critical supports both room and site level capacity planning and reporting, providing FM teams with much simpler assessment of IT capacity for AC and DC systems, as well as full site and generator levels through power configuration tools

IT Manager

More control and early visibility

EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time management of data center cooling, power and space requirements ensures that your IT managers gain an early insight into any potential issues that could have an impact on your IT availability

Simple to use tools

EkkoSense’s Live 3D views and simple Estate Page dashboards make it easy to support real-time thermal decision-making, while features such as Rapid Room Builder and What If? Simulation support mean it’s just a matter of ‘drag and drop’ to run complex simulations

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