Can you manage cooling, space and power capacity issues across your estate in just seconds?

Tech Tips Capacity Utilization

EkkoSense’s innovative 3D visualization and analytics capabilities already take capacity planning to the next level by allowing operations teams to run much ‘leaner’ data centers. However with the latest EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 release – and its ability to provide consolidated estate/enterprise dashboard views – you can now monitor potential capacity issues wherever they occur across the data center estate.

This means that you can retire the unwieldy capacity planning spreadsheets. Instead take advantage of EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time capacity reporting – with intelligence available in just seconds.

Previously cooling, space and power capacity monitoring and reporting would have meant manually searching traditional BMS and EPMS systems for relevant site capacity information. Then repeat this process if you were looking to consolidate capacity reports across an entire estate.

With EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 you are able to quickly navigate from estate to site to floor to room. You can deploy performance trending and comparison tools to support the analysis of any changes in capacity utilization. Our software also features a range of alerts to ensure that you are aware of any potential operational issues developing across your estate.

The ability to track and manage capacity in real-time provides data center managers with the data-driven insights they need to make immediate capacity decisions across their connected rooms. Benefits include:

  • Unlocking stranded capacity – highlighting and releasing previously unidentified stranded M&E cooling, power and space capacity – wherever it sits across your estate
  • Getting smarter with safety margins – if you’re running a safety factor of 80% because you’re unsure of your exact capacity status, EkkoSoft Critical’s enterprise visibility helps mitigate risk allowing spare capacity to be released
  • Making data-based judgements – running data centers leaner not only releases potential cooling, power and space capacity but also helps teams to make smarter choices when it comes to adding additional M&E hardware, prioritizing choices, or optimizing lifecycle budgets

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