Data center capacity planning – Using the AI-driven tool in EkkoSoft Critical  

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EkkoSense AI driven Data Center Capacity Planning

Using EkkoSoft Critical’s AI-driven data center capacity planning functionality really couldn’t be any easier. The software takes data center management to the next level, enabling teams to gather and visualize capacity, cooling and power performance at a much more granular level that lets you run your data centers much leaner. 
Unlike traditional capacity planning tools, EkkoSoft Critical goes beyond just cooling to also address key factors such as space and power. This ensures that we can identify airflows and determine exactly where in a room you can place cabinets to introduce new workloads safely. This ability to manage allocated and reserved capacity, cooling and power is critical to EkkoSense’s ability to release stranded capacity that was previously unavailable. 
Here’s how this works in practice: 

  • First open EkkoSoft Critical’s Capacity Planning tool to check your cooling, space and power capacity information 
  • Review the capacity guidelines to see peak values, reserved and allocated values, operational limits and available capacity 
  • Use the built-in ticketing system to plan for a capacity change 
  • Enter capacity reservation into the Capacity Request form 
  • View open tickets on the right hand side of the EkkoSoft Critical screen 
  • Select a rack with an open capacity ticket 
  • Utilize the software’s drag & drop functionality to see exactly where it is safe to place new workloads in the room 

Watch our Tech Tips video here to learn just how easy it is to use EkkoSoft Critical’s powerful Capacity Planning tool capabilities. You may also be interested in this Tech Tip by James KirkwoodCan you manage cooling, space and power capacity issues across your estate in just seconds?
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