Energy costs down

Even the best run data centers still have cooling power and capacity issues
and cooling is the second largest energy consumer.

EkkoSoft® Critical provides 24% average data center cooling energy savings with an expected ROI of 10 months

Proven energy savings

Data centers are an organization’s second largest consumer of energy, and over 35% of their energy consumption is taken up by cooling. So, any initiative that can reduce data center energy usage can make a significant contribution to an organization’s environmental programme.

EkkoSense is an expert in cooling energy savings, with over 25 years’ experience working within critical facilities such as data centers to help resolve our customers’ complex airflow and thermal issues. Our results speak for themselves, with rooms optimized by EkkoSense and our EkkoSoft Critical software not only removing 100% of thermal risk but also achieving an average 24% cooling energy saving. This results in a clear ROI in under a year.

The EkkoSense difference

Taking energy reduction to the next level

And that’s just the start. At EkkoSense we know that there’s so much more that can be done to reduce data center energy consumption. That’s why we’ve introduced two major new developments that will help take your data center energy reduction programmes even further:

Unique Cooling Advisor

Takes our PhD-level thermal analysis expertise and converts it into simple, easy-to-understand advice, built into EkkoSoft Critical, that means we can guarantee data center energy savings of 10% just by following our software’s practical advice. Examples of Cooling Advisor recommendations include: clearly identifying data center floor tiles or grilles that need changing, recommending immediate adjustments to setpoints in the coldest parts of the data center room, as well as the monitoring of AHUs to highlight and suspend those not actually doing any active cooling.

Autonomous cooling optimization

We’ve also evolved our data center performance optimization proposition to embrace fully autonomous cooling powered by EkkoSoft Critical. This enables cooling units to be automatically controlled by our EkkoSense control panel based on in-room temperature sensors – turning cooling devices on and off when needed, and unlocking significant further reductions in power usage.

Saving costs and energy in your data center whatever your role

Chief Financial Officer

Financial savings

EkkoSense’s ability to unlock reductions of 25-30% in data center cooling costs is good news for CFOs. Going beyond immediate OPEX benefits, however, is our ability to optimize cooling and remove the immediate need for significant spending on additional cooling equipment

Data centers can do more

Quiz your Data Center manager and they’ll no doubt say their rooms are as efficient as they can be. Our EkkoSoft Critical software gives you the real-time insight to drive further productivity improvements from your expensive critical facilities

Data Center Manager

Efficient and flexible

Whether it’s following the recommendations of our software’s Cooling Advisor or opting for a full scale EkkoSense Data Center Optimization service, Data Center managers can engage with EkkoSense in the way that best matches their needs

Facilities Manager

Energy consumption

There’s always more that Facilities Management teams can do to optimize their data centers. Working with EkkoSense always delivers results – we’ve never failed to reduce DC energy usage for our customers, regularly securing 25-30% savings

DCIM for the rest of us

Over-complex DCIM or consultancy-led CFD approaches can be confusing. Unlike difficult to integrate and hard-to-use DCIM systems, EkkoSoft Critical is easy-to-use and gives you all the control you need to monitor, manage and maximize your data centers

IT Manager

Cost effective

EkkoSoft Critical software enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space – giving IT Managers all the capabilities and control they need at a fraction of the cost of traditional DCIM and CFD approaches

Simple to use

EkkoSense’s Live 3D views and simple Estate Page dashboards make it easy to support real-time thermal decision-making, while features such as Rapid Room Builder and What If? Simulation support mean it’s just a matter of drag and drop to run complex simulations

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