Ultra-low cost, innovative sensors and flexible integration options to make the real-time thermal management of your data center a reality

Easy to install Critical Things sensors and hubs to provide rack level and cooling unit level thermal data into EkkoSoft Critical





EkkoSensor Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors with optional display

By introducing the industry’s first true Internet of Things-enabled family of wireless thermal sensors, EkkoSense has disrupted the traditional sensor cost model and made the real-time thermal management of critical facilities such as data centers a possibility.

Our ultra-low cost ‘Critical Things’ sensors are compact and unobtrusive, and can be deployed in large numbers – ensuring that high spatial resolution is available, down to rack-level where required. This allows the air temperature and humidity at each asset of interest to be accurately monitored, and wirelessly transmitted to enable the measurement of values at predefined intervals.

EkkoSensors are entirely self-contained and battery-powered for simpler installation, and provide a direct sensor-to-hub linkage to keep the radio network simple and deliver predictable battery life and performance. Each sensor is uniquely identified at manufacture, and associated with a specific asset at installation.

The TDX EkkoSensor includes a local display of the measured temperature and relative humidity values and supports configurable temperature alert thresholds. The screens can be cycled through to show alert status, temperature profiles over the last hour, 24 hours and 7 days for quick thermal assessment on site.

All measurement data is encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption before transmission to an EkkoHub wireless data receiver for forwarding to our cloud-based EkkoSoft® Critical visualization and analysis software.

EkkoSensors also support two optional additional external thermistors to add more measurement points. The sensor automatically detects the presence of additional thermistors and starts transmitting measurement values. 1.2m flylead thermistors are available as a standard accessory.

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EkkoAir Wireless Cooling Duty Sensor

Track data center cooling loads in real-time with EkkoAir Wireless EkkoAir Wireless is a unique, manufacturer-agnostic wireless sensor that provides real time cooling duty performance in kWc for any CRAC/AHU unit.

Unique, manufacturer-agnostic wireless sensor for real-time cooling duty performance. EkkoAir Wireless is housed in a standard DIN rail mount enclosure with two compact temperature and humidity sensors that connect via small cables. Sensors can be fixed in position using screws or cable ties. The humidity-sensing element is protected with a PTFE membrane to avoid measurement errors caused by dust build-up. Single or three phase fan current measurements are made using standard millivolt output current transformers. An opto-isolated 12V-24V AC input is provided. This can be used to monitor the operating status of the CRAC/AHU.

The EkkoAir Wireless cooling duty sensor transmits data at intervals of between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Data can either be transmitted as an instantaneous value, or as the average from multiple measurements spaced evenly throughout the transmit interval. This ensures that changes to AHU/CRAC operating conditions between transmissions are captured.

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EkkoHub Wireless Data Receiver

EkkoHubs are designed for easy install and are housed in a compact enclosure with a variety of mounting options.

The EkkoHub wireless data receiver can receive measurement data from up to 500 wireless EkkoSensors at greater than 20m distance. This data is then forwarded to the cloud based EkkoSoft Critical visualization and analysis software over the WAN.

EkkoHubs are powered from a standard IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet interface, with local power being an option. Four LEDs on the front panel provide real time status information. EkkoHub’s radio interface is encrypted with 128-bit AES. Multiple EkkoHubs connect to an on-site EkkoLink device that provides local data aggregation and storage and handles secure connectivity with EkkoSoft.

The EkkoHub is compatible with all members of the Critical Things sensor family; temperature and humidity sensors (THX, TDX) and wireless EkkoAirs. The EkkoHub can receive data at 868.3MHz (ES-EH-02) and 923MHz (FS-EH-02).

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As part of the EkkoSense Critical Things family of monitoring solutions, EkkoLink serves as a data aggregator, receiving data from EkkoHubs and securely forwarding it over an internet (wired or cellular) connection to EkkoSoft Critical in the cloud.

EkkoLink is able to retrieve data from other on-site third-party devices and networks using Modbus, OBIX or SNMP. Data from these other sources is also forwarded to EkkoSoft Critical.

In the event of a temporary loss of external connectivity, EkkoLink buffers the site data and automatically transfers it to EkkoSoft Critical when the connection is restored. EkkoLink can also be used to make EkkoSense measurement data available to other applications on site by providing an OBIX data source.

EkkoLink features three LAN ports. One is dedicated to the external internet connection, one to the on-site EkkoSense network (for EkkoHubs) and the remaining one can be configured for local data integration. Network configuration and security rules are applied separately for each network to provide robust segregation. EkkoLink also has two RS485 ports configured for Modbus communication. These can be used to directly connect to local devices such as power meters to retrieve data for forwarding to EkkoSoft.

EkkoLink is implemented as an appliance running Debian 9. The core hardware is a shallow depth (184mm) 1U 19” fanless rackmount platform. The appliance can be installed in client racks or in a dedicated EkkoSense low profile wall mount rack along with other infrastructure such as a PoE switch for the EkkoHubs.

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