Datacloud Global Awards – Recognizing EkkoSense customer success…

Recognizing EkkoSense customer success...

Pictured celebrating the DCW Award win following data centre optimisation – Patrick Binchy, Richard Moore, Alex Brown, Prashant Jha, Dani Katuri, Shaun Blagdon, Shamim Mohamed from Three UK, Keith Bennet and Vaughan Lynn from CBRE, Adrian Barker and myself from EkkoSense

Hot on the heels of our win of the Energy Efficiency category for our data center optimization project with Three UK at the 2023 Data Centre World Awards and shortlisting for a further two categories, I’m delighted to also share that EkkoSense has also been nominated for two further awards – the

Datacloud Global Awards and the National Technology Awards.

EkkoSense shortlisted for DataCloud Global data center award 2023

What these and other major EkkoSense projects confirm is that it is possible for data center operations teams to manage growing digital workloads while at the same time cutting energy and carbon consumption. It also shows that data center teams have a key role to play in corporate ESG initiatives, particularly when data centre optimisation is applied to both the IT and M&E spaces. While everyone else is talking about data center ESG and sustainability, EkkoSense is busy helping your teams to do something about it….

EkkoSense wins Data Centre World Award
EkkoSense - Innovation Product of the Year Award
EkkoSense Green Data Centre of the Year Award 2023