Embracing Diversity in the Data Center Industry: A Journey of Resilience and Success on International Women’s Day

EkkoSense's Sam Betts shares views on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2024 #IWD

The data center industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, powering the digital infrastructure that underpins our modern world. As we navigate this landscape, and on International Women’s Day, it’s crucial to take a moment to recognise the pivotal role diversity plays in shaping our industry’s future. In this post, I share my personal journey as a female professional working in data centres, balancing career growth, motherhood, and the pursuit of excellence. 

EkkoSense's Sam Betts at the Data Centre World London  keynote session on Global Strategies: People, Environment & Innovation ahead of International Women's Day
EkkoSense’s Sam Betts at the Data Centre World London keynote session on Navigating Diversity ahead of International Women’s Day

Breaking Stereotypes 

When I first entered the data center realm, I encountered a prevailing stereotype: that it was a male-dominated field. However, I refused to be confined by outdated norms. Instead, I embraced the challenge, knowing that diversity fuels innovation and drives positive change. As a woman, I brought a different perspective to the table—one that enriched our team’s problem-solving abilities and fostered creativity. 

Navigating Parenthood and Career 

Being a mother while advancing my career was no easy feat. The late-night calls sometimes clashed with bedtime stories, and conference calls overlapped with school pickups. Yet, I persevered. Parenthood has taught me resilience, adaptability, and time management—skills that translated seamlessly into my professional life. 

Promotions Through Grit and Dedication 

At EkkoSense, I found a supportive environment that recognised merit above all else. My hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn led to several promotions. Each step up the ladder reinforced the idea that diversity isn’t just about gender; it’s about recognising and nurturing talent regardless of background. My colleagues—both male and female—became my allies, celebrating my achievements and pushing me to reach new heights. 

Building a Resilient Workforce 

Diverse teams are more resilient. They bring varied perspectives, problem-solving approaches, and innovative ideas. Leaders must actively promote diversity by: 

  1. Creating Inclusive Spaces: Encourage open dialogue, listen to diverse voices, and foster an environment where everyone feels valued. 
  1. Mentoring and Sponsorship: Support aspiring professionals, especially women, by providing mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. 
  1. Championing Flexibility: Acknowledge that work-life integration is essential. Flexible schedules, remote work options, and family-friendly policies empower employees to thrive both personally and professionally. 
  1. Benefits of Diversity: A diverse talent pool is beneficial for business performance. A study by McKinsey found that gender-diverse companies performed 21% better than the national average, and those which were both more ethnically and racially diverse had 43% higher profits. 


My journey in the data centre industry has been one of growth, resilience, and empowerment. As a female professional with a family, I’ve shattered stereotypes, climbed the corporate ladder, and contributed to EkkoSense’s success. Let us continue championing diversity, knowing that it’s not just a buzzword—it’s the key to building a robust and forward-thinking workforce. 

About the Author: Samantha Betts is a passionate data centre professional, advocate for diversity, and proud mother. She currently serves as Inside Sales Manager at EkkoSense, where she combines technical expertise with a commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. Samantha spoke at The London Tech Show / Data Centre World London Show on a panel alongside Tatiana Smith of Deerns and Steve Davison of Parmarbrook. The session was chaired by Nikki Blake, Head of Sales and Marketing for Africa – Bergvik Group, an EkkoSense partner.

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