IDC analyst firm highlights importance of AI-powered data center optimization

Analyst IDC writes new vendor profile on EkkoSense AI the data center optimization experts

Really interesting to read the brand new Vendor Profile on EkkoSense from data center analyst IDC.  Among other industry trends, the report highlights the importance of AI in analyzing the large sets of operational data needed to make the accurate adjustments that improve data center efficiency. IDC also stresses the need for data centers to improve operational efficiencies and organizational performance in response to the challenges of implementing generative AI applications.

I’m obviously pleased that the IDC analyst Vendor Profile highlights EkkoSense as a leading provider of AI-powered data center optimization software that delivers energy and sustainability outcomes. Key to this is the ability of our EkkoSoft Critical AI-enabled SaaS optimization software that helps operations teams to optimize their data center performance while ‘simultaneously delivering quantifiable sustainability results’.

The data center analyst Vendor Profile goes on to detail the EkkoSense Product Strategy, focusing in on our commitment to using core heat transfer and thermodynamics disciplines on the back of my co-founder Dr Stu Redshaw’s vision to help resolve data center thermal challenges. It was great that IDC acknowledged EkkoSense’s strong position and that optimizing data center performance needs to go beyond just IT to embrace all aspects of critical facilities including HVAC, building services, and facilities management. Interesting report in interesting times for the data center industry! If you haven’t already read it, the report is available to IDC subscribers here – or view an Instant Demo of EkkoSoft Critical here