There is something you can do about data center energy costs!

There is something you can do about energy costs!

There is something you can do about data center energy costs… by Adrian Barker, Key Account Director at EkkoSense

Energy costs are rising – that’s a reality that none of us can escape. Current hedged energy prices won’t last forever, and will quickly become outpaced by the huge increases in the cost of electricity.
With electricity being the largest input cost to a data centre beyond the initial construction cost, this trend cannot be ignored. Data centres need to act now if they are to have a chance of maintaining their current budgeted energy spend. The sooner you do this, the quicker you can start to secure some of the energy savings required to reduce the likelihood of energy overspend.
In all data centres there are multiple options but, depending on your facility lifecycle, and budgets, only a few are viable solutions. I guess very few businesses have assigned capex for this financial year purely to mitigate rising energy costs. If you have, congratulations on your foresight! 
What are your options for a low-cost no-cost solution that will deliver rapid energy savings and the ongoing insights to maintain these savings? As energy prices head upwards, how would zero-upfront-spend monthly costs less your monthly savings sound to your CFO?
So, if you want to reduce your data center costs on energy, right-size the cooling your data centre infrastructure currently delivers, and minimise your carbon emissions on your journey to net zero – and do this quickly to reduce your potential overspend now – please drop me a note and I’ll explain how we can help. It’s a discussion that I’m sure will be worth your time, particularly as delays now can lead directly to a significant rise in your energy costs.

At EkkoSense we have a solid track record within the data centre industry of delivering significant energy savings. Indeed, we have already helped our customers to secure a cumulative 10MW+ cooling power saving – equivalent to a saving of around 20,000 tonnes CO2-eq emissions reduction. 

I’d love the opportunity to share how we could help you to achieve similar savings – not only reducing your energy exposure, but also supporting your organisation’s net zero journey.  [email protected]