3D Visualization of Data Center Power

3D Visualization of Power ekkosense

The power intelligence Facilities Managers and Energy Managers have been looking for.

When it comes to data centers, power is business-critical. For power usage insights it is of course possible to access data from your EPMS/ BMS, but facilities managers certainly aren’t keen on sharing access with just anybody! Get things wrong here and the mistakes can be expensive.

But with a growing requirement to report on power usage for both data center operations optimization and ESG reporting, how can you get access to the data insights you need? With EPMS/ BMS effectively ruled out as a management tool.

That’s where EkkoSoft Critical can help thanks to its impressive 3D Power Schematic Visualization and Reporting capability – Site Power View. This schematic view for power distribution provides an intuitive overview of power usage across your site. And this comprehensive power visibility provides a great way to access power usage reporting, while also giving you access to the historical, live and forecasted data you need to manage both current and future loads.

Site Power View simplifies capacity planning and management by displaying power usage in real-time, with power distribution insight from site level right down to individual rack power utilization.

With EkkoSoft Critical, data center teams, facilities managers and energy managers benefit from comprehensive capacity and power views and reports at a fraction of the cost of traditional EPMS/BMS and DCIM solutions. This can prove invaluable for ESG power usage reporting, with features such power performance across custom rack groups supporting colocation customers as well as internal cross-charging. 

It’s also a great way to trend power history for all your power assets, with reports that can be generated across any historical period to show peak values and trends.

Watch our latest Tech Tips video to experience EkkoSoft Critical’s intuitive and editable 3D power schematics and see our trending power history and one-click consumption reports in action. And go here for a free EkkoSense demonstration.

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