Can you access power management data in seconds?


Data center teams are under constant pressure to balance increasing workload against ESG and sustainability targets. This requires the ability to track and manage data center power usage in real-time, as well as the ability to monitor energy efficiency across multiple sites.

However, getting access to estate-wide power management data has historically been difficult. Typically it would have involved data center staff trawling through EPMS data to uncover power utilization details from complex spreadsheets. Another approach involved managers looking for critical control information from power management systems and hoping that any data extracted was what they needed.

But an EPMS is designed to provide very detailed, critical control. It simply isn’t designed to support the routine management of power. Unlocking power insights from traditional data center systems simply takes too long, and becomes even more challenging when you want to track power performance from an estate-wide perspective.

The good news is that with EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 it doesn’t have to be that way. Our new consolidated estate/enterprise dashboard views mean that you can replace your unwieldy power spreadsheets with comprehensive power usage reporting. And this information is always only seconds away.

EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 gives you estate-wide access to your critical power management data, key power metrics and standard KPIs such as PUE performance. In this short Tech Tips video we will show how the software’s new, consolidated estate/enterprise dashboard views help you and your operations teams to:

  • Optimize power performance across their extended facilities, with essential power insights now available in just seconds
  • Encourage energy efficiency, with regular checking to ensure compliance with PUE and other targets
  • Report on current power usage and identify remaining power capacity
  • Improve risk management by ensuring that power feeds aren’t overloaded

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