Are you ready for data center ESG reporting?

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Increasingly organisations are looking to reduce energy usage and cut carbon as part of corporate ESG initiatives. As a result, data centers are also coming under increased pressure to report on their energy numbers. What do you need to do about data center ESG reporting?

The introduction of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EC Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) are adding to this, requiring effective data collection from the start of 2024. So, there is now a pressing requirement for evidence-based real-world sustainability and ESG metrics – as defined by the ISO/IEC 30134 series of standardized data center resource efficiency KPIs. In addition to PUE, live ESG KPIs will include Cooling Efficiency Ratio (CER), the Carbon Usage Effectiveness measure (CUE), and the Water Usage Effectiveness metric (WUE). 

What is clear is that the combination of significant metering gaps and inflexible legacy BMS reporting is simply not responsive enough to produce this level of reporting. The result is that the data center industry is busy talking about the need for ESG Reporting – but nobody is really doing anything! 
EkkoSoft Critical solves this problem. Embedded ESG Reporting capabilities will enable global colocation service providers and data center operations teams to automate ESG and sustainability reports. They will also be produced at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy DCIM and BMS approaches. Critically, you could be up and running with EkkoSense ESG Reporting in time to report on the January 1st, 2024, data collection deadlines. 
With EkkoSoft Critical you can capture, track and present the critical ISO/IEC 30134 KPIs you need to deliver the metrics for your ESG and sustainability compliance reports. You get to see how all your rooms and sites are performing from a sustainability perspective via a single intuitive dashboard. In addition, everything is auditable and reportable in line with upcoming ESG Reporting standards.  
It really could not be any easier – simply click through to: 

  • See all your live site ESG KPIs set out in one intuitive dashboard 
  • Quickly compare all your estate-wide energy consumption 
  • Identify trends and report on your key energy metrics and KPIs going back years 

Watch our Tech tips video to see this in action, and do not forget to sign-up for a more in-depth LinkedIn Live event on the 24th of October that discusses our compliance ready ESG Reporting in more detail. For a free demonstration or to talk about your ESG Reporting needs in more detail, contact us here


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