EkkoSense’s 3D Visual Timelines tell the story

James Kirkwood
Head of Technical Sales

Feb 2, 2023

Is it hard for your data center team to answer relatively simple questions – particularly when it’s Energy Managers or Finance that needs specific answers?

How did our sites do this summer? How much energy are we using? What really happened when we lost power that time? Is the new cooling we installed working well? Did that investment we made last year deliver the results we were looking for?

Answering these kind of questions requires operations teams to look back in time to compare past and present data center performance. BMS systems can’t really help here as they don’t measure or record data at a granular level. They’re also not designed for data analysis as they do not present data for engineering analysis, while existing reports can’t convey the whole story.

This is where the 3D Visual Timelines available with EkkoSoft Critical can make such a difference. The software tracks site performance in real-time, cumulatively recording millions and millions of data points to create an effective Digital Twin of your data center’s historical and live performance.

This means you can look back to any point in time to investigate site issues, show where additional investment and optimization made a difference, and also compare directly with your current performance.

With EkkoSoft Critical’s clear 3D visualizations it’s much easier to explain exactly what’s going on across your data center estate, while comparative 3D timelines also make the task much easier and quicker for data center operations teams.

Contact us to book a demo of our 3D visual timelines functionality so you have the information to hand to answer your CFO and Energy Managers questions.

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