Fighting energy creep with EkkoSoft Critical

James Kirkwood
Head of Technical Sales

Jan 19, 2023

Anyone responsible for energy use in data centers knows how frustrating energy creep can be. That’s when fully optimized sites are suddenly found to be using much more energy than they should be. A problem usually only discovered when you get to see the utility bills at the end of each month.

It would be great if you had a way of tracking your actual energy performance against what you expected. It would also be useful to receive immediate intelligence should your energy usage creep out of variance.

Now you can thanks to the Energy Tracker Report capability within our EkkoSoft Critical software. Taking advantage of the software’s powerful machine learning and AI capabilities, our unique  Energy Tracker Report tracks actual energy consumption vs expected. It then identifies any deviations from right across your estate, and generates intelligence and reports so that you can both identify the cause and move quickly to resolve any issues.

Energy Tracker Report uses advanced regression analysis tools to give you the information you need to keep your sites optimized 24/7/365. It also factors in local weather conditions with live and historical site data to make sure it’s only reporting on actual operational issues. Reports feature Deviation Analysis and Actual vs. Expected mapping to track the long-term energy implications of any performance deviations, as well as an estimated cost tracker for critical energy use reporting.

Clearly data center energy reporting is vital for both cost and ESG reasons. With Energy Tracker Report you’re able to resolve energy creep quickly, removing the risk of issues getting out of hand.

Book a demo to see how you can fight energy creep with EkkoSoft Critical or contact the author, James Kirkwood, to discuss further. 

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