How do you keep your data center optimization on track?

How do you keep your data center optimization on track?

Powered by machine learning insights from over 50 million data points, Cooling Advisor draws on the deep cooling data center optimization best practice expertise of EkkoSense’s team of PhD-level thermal, software and electronics engineers. By following the clear recommendations offered by Cooling Advisor, data center teams can independently keep on track in their journey to eliminate thermal risk, unlock cooling energy savings, and deliver quantifiable reductions in carbon usage to support ESG initiatives.

More importantly, with Cooling Advisor we recognize that data centers never stand still. Equipment changes, new workloads are added, and your original design specification can quickly become out of date. Cooling Advisor lets you follow a continuous approach to data center optimization, ensuring that your facility remains as ‘tuned’ as it can be as you evolve your operations.

So if one of your cooling units is blowing too much air, we don’t just check it out and leave it if it seems to be running fine. Instead, with Cooling Advisor, we can identify why it’s running that way – maybe you’ve got too many grilles in the room, or your cooling unit fan speed settings or standby configurations aren’t quite right. With Cooling Advisor, you can identify floor grilles that should be relocated or removed, you get clear guidance on any necessary cooling adjustments, and we’re constantly adding new capabilities. Recently, for example, we introduced a unique new floor vent advisor algorithm, that offers new functionality for balancing airflow and temperature across data center rooms

However we also know it’s always important to have full control over your operations. That’s why Cooling Advisor always ensures that control and accountability stays with the operator, while removing guesswork from the decisions with results being visible in real-time. The result is a proven and safe process that’s based on thousands of real-time sensors and expert spatial analysis, enabling ongoing optimization, with the system persistently looking at ways to improve the environment, while also analyzing the impacts of any changes that have been made.

And the good news is that Cooling Advisor couldn’t be any easier to use. Watch our new video that takes you through just how simple it is to get started with Cooling Advisor. And go here for a free EkkoSense demonstration.


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