Simple, easy-to-use ESG data center reporting is just a minute away with EkkoSense

ESG Reporting

In many regions data centers are under increased pressure to track and report on their energy efficiency. There’s no doubt that operations teams will need to take steps to improve reporting processes if they are to keep pace with the growing range of energy efficiency and sustainability reporting regulations and initiatives. This Tech Tip demonstrates easy-to-use ESG data center reporting.

For many this means keeping track of their PUE metrics, particularly as many operators have already gone public with goals to target PUE reductions within a certain time – such as getting PUE down to 1.3 by 2030. But when you then ask them what their current PUE score is, it’s surprising how many can’t actually say! They just don’t have easy access to this key information. Finding out usually involves going off, pulling together a whole bunch of BMS or EPMS metrics and then taking time working through the calculations. Sound familiar?

So if most of the industry can’t quickly demonstrate their PUE metrics, how can they report on the multiple real-world sustainability and ESG metrics that the ISO has defined in its ISO/IEC 30134-series of standardized data center resource efficiency KPIs? That’s PUE, CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness), WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness), and CER (Cooling Efficiency Ratio). These feature in the latest reporting regimes such as the EU’s CSRD Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EC Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

EkkoSense solves this problem by embedding ESG Reporting within EkkoSoft Critical – and it really couldn’t be any easier to use. Here’s what you have to do:

  • First select ‘VISIT SITE’ to load EkkoSoft Critical’s 3D Site View
  • Then select the Reports & Charts tool from the toolbar on the left of the window
  • Choose the ESG dropdown to view the different report options
  • Select a time period and which ESG report(s) – PUE, CUE, WUE or CER – you wish to run
  • Choose ‘VIEW ESG REPORT’ to run your report(s) – you can then review all your data and generate the reports you need via simple page-by-page reports navigation

ESG Reporting within EkkoSoft Critical is a great way for operations teams to present their sustainability and ESG metrics – particularly when the whole process takes just a few minutes, rather that the multiple hours if not days needed to generate this information manually. And if you’re a colocation service provider, the benefits are even more compelling.

Find out just how much easier things can be with ESG Reporting by watching our Tech Tips video here.

And if you want to learn more about how EkkoSoft Critical provides a perfect go-to-optimization tool for data center operations teams, book a free 1:1 demonstration.


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