Single pane of glass live data center views couldn’t be easier

Single pane of glass 3D live view controls

Travis Talcott takes things back to basics. In this latest Tech Tip Travis shows us how easy it is to achieve the ‘single pane of glass’ for real-time data center optimization.

At EkkoSense we’re convinced that data center optimization shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why, from the outset, we have adopted a software-based approach that is designed to be easy-to-use, accessible, instinctive and available 24/7. EkkoSoft Critical provides you and your team with single pane of glass live view for complete operational visibility – all in real-time. 
Our powerful 3D visualization platform draws on the latest gaming innovations to make it extremely easy for operations teams and co-location providers to see cooling, capacity and power performance. This visibility is available from any device at any time, and from anywhere in the world. 
Our digital model expands to capture your entire critical enterprise estate infrastructure, from Edge sites such as single server rooms, cabins and containerized pods, remote server rooms, as well as the largest facilities. Single pane of glass live data views gives you instant real-time metrics updates. You can navigate quickly from estate to site to floor to room – with a clear differentiation between data halls, plant rooms and edge sites. 
Navigating our single pane of glass live views in EkkoSoft Critical really could not be simpler: 

  • First load EkkoSoft Critical’s room viewer 
  • Right click and drag to change your viewing angle 
  • Scroll up to zoom in, scroll down to zoom out 
  • You can pan across your room using the arrow keys – or by middle-clicking and dragging the cursor 
  • And room views can be reset by clicking on the target button 

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