Take the hard work out of your scheduled reports

Scheduled Reporting in EkkoSoft Critical

Reporting has always presented challenges for data center teams. Today is even harder if you are having to gather data from multiple rooms, floors and sites, or across multiple customers.

For colocation providers, keeping up to date with SLA compliance requirements or enabling energy and ESG reporting is obviously important. Building these reports can involve a huge amount of work – requiring access to all the right admin accounts, and time spent consolidating data. Invariably this can take operations teams hours to sort, just to repeat the same exercise every month.

The good news is that all this is now automated in EkkoSoft Critical. A powerful new Scheduling Report feature enables users to receive their PDF room reports via email on a monthly or weekly itinerary. Scheduling Report takes all the hard work out of this task – thermal, power and capacity reporting. This can free up your data center operations team to focus on other activities.

Running Scheduled Report could not be easier. My colleague Travis Talcott quickly built a report in under 2 minutes! This is how it works:

  • First go to EkkoSoft Critical’s Administration Area to configure your report scheduling options for your different Rack Groups
  • Choose which columns to show in your Rack Group report – such as thermal, power or capacity
  • You can then specify weekly or monthly recurrence patterns, and also set the start date and date ranges you require
  • Finally, add recipient email addresses for your report

EkkoSoft Critical also features a refurbished look and feel for its reports, with layout optimized for print-to-PDF. A range of report designs are available, and you can quickly customize and build your own report library. Find out just how simple the process is by watching our Tech Update video here.

And if you want to learn more about how EkkoSoft Critical can support optimization and streamline SLA and ESG reporting across your extended estate, book a free 1:1 demonstration or check out our other Tech Updates here www.ekkosense.com/resources/tech-tips/


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