Data center capacity planning. What capacity do you have across your data center estate right now?

What-capacity-do -you-have-across-our-data-enter-estate-right-now -ekkosense

How EkkoSoft Critical capacity planning tool easily gives you the cooling, power and space answers you need.

Data center capacity planning. Managing cooling capacity, power capacity and available space across multiple rooms used to be a challenge for data center operations teams – particularly across an enterprise.

With its true real-time capacity, power and space planning capability, EkkoSoft Critical can make a huge difference when used as a capacity planning tool. Traditional capacity management approaches invariably involved struggling with drawing tools such as Visio, and doing battle with Excel to try and work out whether you had the power and cooling you needed in one room – let alone across your extended estate. By the time you had the results from your Excel, it was probably out of date and inaccurate anyway!

EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time monitoring of data center power and cooling capacity makes the operation and management of space, power, and cooling so much easier, with all the information you need in one place – in real-time. You’ll benefit from:

  • A single capacity planning view across your entire estate, with granular monitoring providing real-time insight into your cooling and power performance
  • An intuitive 3D visualization of each room’s layout with underlying data and analysis always available regardless of how many sites you have
  • And simple Zone of Influence analysis that clearly explains the existing relationships between individual cooling units and the racks they serve.

Watch our latest Tech Tips video to see how EkkoSoft Critical enables data center teams gather and visualize capacity at a much more granular level. And go here for a free EkkoSense demonstration.


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