New EkkoSense data center M&E platform features embedded Cooling Advisor capability to help operations teams keep their critical facilities fully optimized

New EkkoSense M&E platform features embedded Cooling Advisor capability to help operations teams keep their critical facilities fully optimized

21st October 2021 – EkkoSense, the leading provider of software-driven optimization solutions for critical data center M&E environments, has announced the latest release of its innovative 3D visualization and analytics software platform – EkkoSoft Critical. It features a unique, machine learning powered Cooling Advisor tool that helps organizations keep their critical facilities thermally optimized. 

This update also now offers comprehensive Edge support, enabling data center teams to ensure full data center M&E optimization of their entire estates – from the smallest remote server room to the largest facility – and all accessible via the same intuitive interface from EkkoSense.

“At EkkoSense we’re committed to providing organizations with a software-based optimization approach that’s easy-to-use, accessible, instinctive and available 24/7,” explained EkkoSense’s Chief Product Officer, Paul Milburn. “Our latest EkkoSoft Critical release takes things to the next level with real-time visibility of data center cooling, power and capacity performance across entire estates, full remote visibility via our intuitive 3D visualizations, and now continuous optimization through Cooling Advisor – a solution that’s always on hand to help in-house data center teams deliver the next best optimization outcome.

“This latest release demonstrates our determination to not only provide operations teams with insight into potential issues or underlying negative performance trends, but also to recommend best practice solutions based on EkkoSoft Critical’s extensive knowledge base and deep analytics capability. And all this comes at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex legacy data center DCIM or CFD solutions, offering a genuine average ROI of less than 12 months,” he added.

Industry’s first software-embedded thermal advisory capability
EkkoSoft Critical’s new Cooling Advisor capability draws on machine learning insights from over 50 million data points, with actionable changes including optimum cooling unit setpoint adjustments, fan speed points and standby settings alongside recommended changes to floor grille layouts.


Recommendations are presented each time for human auditability before data center M&E operations team members make the suggested changes. EkkoSoft Critical can then loop back to confirm that Cooling Advisor recommendations are delivering the expected results.

24/7 real-time visibility across critical Edge facilities
New Edge support capabilities allow organizations to manage and optimize the performance of all their sites using EkkoSoft Critical. Active Edge site performance optimization backed by 24×7 real-time monitoring and Mini-BMS style alerting supports both the delivery of greater IT loads across Edge facilities as well significant risk reduction at remote sites. Real-time views provide early insight into potential issues, allowing data center teams to optimize remote site maintenance schedules. Simple installation and operation, with wireless sensors and direct-to-cloud wireless data transmission enables rapid deployment by non-IT professionals.

In addition to its new Cooling Advisor and Edge capabilities, the latest EkkoSoft Critical release also includes:

·      Intelligent Performance Reporting – New site-level reporting analyzes weather conditions against site energy performance to set and track operational performance benchmarks, helping operational and financial teams to identify any unplanned configuration changes and keep track of savings targets.   


·       Capacity Space Management Planning – EkkoSoft Critical lets operations teams track and manage all their current and future cooling, space and power demands within just one easy to use system. New restricted space and free space functionality enhances space management capabilities, with links to PDU functionality now updated to split by AC/DC supply to help improve IT equipment placement decision-making

·      Increased Sensor flexibility – the management of SNMP and Modbus sensors for input into EkkoSoft Critical can now be combined in a single user interface, while sensor deployment/ connectivity has been further simplified using unique QR codes


·      3DCIM – EkkoSense has teamed up with ASSETSPIRE to offer an innovative alternative to traditional DCIM at a fraction of the cost. Combining EkkoSense’s capacity and environmental management tools with ASSETSPIRE’s highly configurable asset management platform provides a DCIM solution that works, without the hassle of legacy solutions.  


·      Single Sign-on – EkkoSoft has introduced support for both SAML and OIDC to enable organizations to manage their EkkoSoft Critical users via their own authentication directories. 


·      COMING SOON – full-scale alerting – EkkoSoft Critical will introduce a complete upgrade of its alert functionality to allow for alerting across all ingested data sources. This new flexible alerting capability will also allow customization, so critical equipment can be assigned high priority alerting, and specific alert user groups can be defined so that teams can be assigned to the assets that are most important to them




About EkkoSoft Critical

EkkoSoft Critical software delivers an average 30% cooling energy saving, significantly reducing cooling equipment capex investment requirements and delivering a valuable contribution to corporate NetZero commitments through sustained carbon usage reductions in the data center. The EkkoSense solution provides an attractive business case as it enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space – at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex DCIM solutions. Video here

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