How do I easily access estate-wide thermal data?

Estate Dashboards

With more pressure on data center teams to deliver against workload and sustainability targets, it is critical to understand exactly how facilities are performing.

This means having rapid access to key thermal and energy performance KPIs – but getting to this data via traditional BMS reports or complex DCIM systems simply takes too long. 

That’s where EkkoSense makes an enormous difference for operations teams, particularly with the latest EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 release.

It features new levels of accessibility to critical thermal, capacity and power performance data. EkkoSense’s new, consolidated estate/enterprise dashboard views now enable teams to optimize performance across their extended data center estates. Essential KPI data is now available in just seconds.

With traditional systems such as BMS for temperature or environmental reporting, data center operators have to dig through data and pull spreadsheets.

Things could not be simpler with EkkoSoft Critical, where access to thermal data is always just a couple of mouse-clicks away. And, with the software’s ability to compare real-time performance with historical data, it is really easy to specify exactly the level of reporting you need. This allows you to visualize thermal trends within seconds.

EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 also lets you download your trending data into a CSV file. This ensures you always have the numbers you need. This could form the reports to management or for colocation service providers to report to their customers. In this short Tech Tips video we will show just how easy this is to do, with EkkoSoft Critical enabling you to:

  • Navigate from estate to site to floor to room, with the ability to clearly differentiate between all data halls, plant rooms and edge sites
  • Compare performance from multiple sites around the world – giving you a clearer picture of what is going on organization-wide
  • Save valuable time in accessing essential thermal data – freeing you up to focus on other key operational issues

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