Award winning software for the analysis of
critical thermal issues in real-time on any device

Create your room rapidly in our 3D room builder, quickly gather thermal insights with our intuitive visualizations and analyze performance using our advanced analytics

Manage, build and simulate

EkkoSoft Critical enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space - at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex DCIM solutions. Our powerful advanced software analytics draws on EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time data to help maximize your data center performance.

Using our Rapid Room Builder feature you can quickly build, populate and edit your data center rooms in 3D, with a simple interface and a range of layouts including first person, plan, 3D views and power schematics.

Meanwhile EkkoSoft Critical’s 3D Simulation also gives you a risk-free ‘drag and drop’ capability to simulate planned data center changes - IT loads or cooling upgrades - and understand their impact on power, cooling and space capacity, both now and in the future. You can instantly see the results of installing different density racks in specific locations, and how planned data center changes would impact thermal performance, capacity and ASHRAE compliance.

Monitor, analyze and report

EkkoSoft Critical features intuitive visualization capabilities, enabling performance insights into data center power and cooling performance to help manage risk and maximize operational capacity.

Covering all aspects of your data center estate’s performance including thermal overviews, cooling capacity, power capacity and space capacity, our Live 3D views make it easy to support real-time thermal decision-making, while our Estate Page dashboards give operations teams the control needed to see exactly how their whole estate is performing, with both site and room-level visibility.

Thanks to EkkoSoft Critical reporting, you get to see exactly how your estate is operating, with highlighted thermal performance metrics as well as alerts for potential power and cooling issues. EkkoSoft Critical also offers a site leader board to show each location’s temperature, compliance and PUE performance.

Maximize, optimize and analyze

Combining the power of artificial intelligence with our range of Critical Things sensors, EkkoSoft Critical is also able to map Zone-by-Zone Cooling Analytics to help with resiliency and capacity planning decisions. A point in time viewer quickly enables split screen comparisons to clearly identify the thermal changes before and after significant upgrade or optimization works.

EkkoAir, our unique vendor agnostic solution for providing real-time kWc cooling duty and airflows, highlights performance trends of critical equipment and uncovers failing or inefficient units. Utilizing this data, EkkoSoft Critical is able to provide an in-built Cooling Advisor module that guides operational changes that can remove areas of thermal risk, improve compliance to industry standards and bring about significant energy savings.

Available any time, any place, anywhere

Unlike traditional data center optimization offerings, EkkoSoft Critical is a SaaS-based solution that’s available across all your platforms – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone – for managing and tracking performance from any location.

This ensures that your team benefits from secure, real-time visibility of all their critical operational data – allowing them to monitor, manage and maximize your data center performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure management approaches.

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