Compliance-Ready ESG Reporting Ahead of Regulatory Deadlines 

EkkoSoft Critical 8

  • Fast deployment allows EkkoSense customers to quickly launch ESG reporting  for deadlines such as the January 1st, 2024, CSRD data collection starting point  
  • EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 release features global estate / enterprise dashboard visualizations offering consolidated views for capacity, power, and thermal performance management, power, and thermal performance management 
  • Additional embedded reporting to support ISO 30134 / EN50600 compliance for PUE, CER, CUE and WUE ESG Reporting in readiness for upcoming EU CSRD and EED requirements 

EkkoSense has announced a major new release of its award-winning SaaS solution. EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 introduces consolidated estate / enterprise dashboard views to optimize thermal, power, and capacity management across extended data center estates. In addition, new embedded reporting capabilities will enable data center operations teams to automate production of ESG and sustainability reports and metrics at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy DCIM and BMS approaches – ready for the upcoming EU deadlines. 
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“EkkoSoft Critical solves a business challenge for global colocation service providers tasked with delivering regular ESG and sustainability reports to their thousands of customers demanding frequent ESG Scope 3 reporting,” said Paul Milburn, Chief Product Officer for EkkoSense.  
“EkkoSoft Critical is an early leader in introducing AI and Machine Learning technology into data center optimization, with software that provides industry leaders with intuitive 3D monitoring and visualization, AI-enabled evaluation and analytics, and comprehensive capacity management support.” 

Enterprise dashboard visualizations

EkkoSense Data Center Estate Page. Compliance-Ready Data Center ESG Reporting Ahead of Regulatory Deadlines - EkkoSoft Critical from EkkoSense
New User Interface from EkkoSoft Critical 8.0

EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 enables operations teams to quickly navigate from estate to site to floor to room, with the ability to clearly differentiate between all data halls, plant rooms, and edge sites. Performance trending and comparison tools support the analysis of any changes in thermal performance, site and room power usage, as well as full capacity utilization updates. Additionally, a series of thermal, faults, alarms, sensor, and connectivity alerts help in keeping teams aware of any potential operational issues that need addressing across their estate – a key requirement given current data center resourcing challenges. 

ESG compliance reporting

Version 8.0’s embedded real-time compliance reporting delivers exactly the kind of evidence-based real-world sustainability and ESG metrics that the ISO has defined in its ISO/IEC 30134 series of standardized data center resource efficiency KPIs. It will also support reporting regimes such as the EU’s forthcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EC Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). In addition to PUE, EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 enables the production of key ISO/IEC 30134 metrics including the Cooling Efficiency Ratio (CER), the Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) measure, and the Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) metric in time for the January 1st, 2024, CSRD data collection starting point. EkkoSoft Critical will also track local climate data via weather APIs and help operations teams to map utilization and capacity against current power, space, and cooling availability. 
“We are solving an industry challenge by launching a highly effective real-time embedded ESG reporting solution,” explained EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. “Previously, the alternatives were expensive custom reporting solutions that took months to develop and implement. Given EkkoSense’s proven ability to fast-track cooling energy savings, EkkoSoft Critical 8.0 – with its ESG reporting capability – will provide full ROI extremely quickly.” 
Jon deRidder, CEO at DP Guardian – an EkkoSense Select Installation Partner for North America with over 30 years’ proven data center critical infrastructure expertise – added: “EkkoSoft Critical already represents a smart choice for the growing number of organizations looking to reduce energy usage and cut carbon as part of their corporate ESG initiatives. EkkoSense’s latest 8.0 release takes things much further, supporting data center operations teams across their enterprise deployments while also offering the opportunity for truly automated and real-time ESG reporting.” 

Compliance-Ready Data Center ESG Reporting Ahead of Regulatory Deadlines - EkkoSoft Critical from EkkoSense
EkkoSense Data Center Optimization has Compliance Ready ESG Reporting Powered by AI

EkkoSense’s EkkoSoft Critical AI-powered optimization software delivers quantifiable reductions in cooling energy usage. With its light-touch, software-based approach and non-invasive nature, EkkoSense also helps data center teams to secure immediate benefits with results achieved in just weeks, and project ROI timescales of under 12 months in many regions. View this short video for details.