EkkoSense is a global leader in the provision of software driven thermal optimization for critical live environments

Best practice performance optimization for data centers

EkkoSense has continued to invest in the development of its EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualization and analytics solution for data centers, which is increasingly becoming the smart choice for organizations looking to optimize the performance of their data center capacity, power and cooling.

As a privately-owned company, EkkoSense is growing strongly – expanding its engagement with major global customers on an international basis. To accelerate this growth, the company received a major capital investment from Foresight Group, the leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager. In addition, EkkoSense has also strengthened its board with a number of senior industry appointments.

IOT Division EkkoConnect for Energy and Telecoms solutions.

Our leadership team

The EkkoSense team consists of PhD level thermal, software and electronics engineers with 25+ years’ experience in optimizing critical data center environments

EkkoSense has close links to leading UK universities for attracting the best talent and working on latest software and hardware developments. The company brings together thermal expertise, innovation in sensor technology, 3D software visualization and analytics, and proven optimization capabilities to achieve entirely new levels of thermal optimization.

EkkoSense has the people, immersive software, innovative sensors and expert thermal services to help optimize your critical facilities and remove thermal risk for your organization. This expertise gives EkkoSense early insight into key technologies such as low-cost Internet of Things sensors, 3D software and AI/Machine Learning enabled advanced analytics – and that translates directly into quantifiable reductions in data center cooling costs and thermal risk for your organization.

Dean Boyle

CEO & Co-Founder

Dean Boyle founded EkkoSense with Stu Redshaw in 2013, with a clear mission to help organizations resolve the thermal risks their data centers face from inefficient cooling strategies. As CEO he has driven the company’s development – from a start-up through to its current position as a leading provider of software-driven thermal optimization and capacity planning for critical live environments.

Previously Dean spent almost five years as Managing Director of 4energy, establishing a new VC-backed business focused on delivering energy savings in ICT rooms. Earlier he ran his own IBM infrastructure services business, building on his background in leading technical services teams supporting major IBM and ERP IT deployments.

Dr Stuart Redshaw

CTIO & Co-Founder

Stu Redshaw holds a doctorate in heat transfer and thermodynamics from Nottingham University and specializes in revolutionary clean tech and energy efficient systems. He is particularly recognized for his focus on resolving thermal challenges and has led many breakthrough academic projects in this area. In addressing today’s thermal challenges, his goal has always been to look at technical problems from first principles and challenge the status quo.

Before founding EkkoSense, Stu was a director of Delta-T, a specialist in energy efficiency and heat transfer within the HVAC, building services, facilities management and utilities sectors. He also spent eight years as CTO at 4energy where he focused on applying his thermodynamics expertise to the challenges of equipment cooling.

Peter Le Noury

CFO and Chief Operating Officer

Peter Le Noury joined EkkoSense in 2019 as CFO and Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for driving the company’s operations and financial management as it continues to expand internationally. He brings over 15 years’ experience as both an international Group CFO and as a Regional Managing Director, and a track record of operating successfully at both global operations and strategy board levels.

In addition to leadership roles with private equity backed businesses and as an Investment Director for a venture management firm, Peter Le Noury has also served as a Head of Main Audit for KPMG and as an Audit Manager with BDO Reads.

Paul Milburn

Chief Product Officer

In this board-level position Paul Milburn is responsible for driving the development of the company’s EkkoSoft Critical SaaS 3D visualization and analytics solution and Critical Things range of sensors and integration options. Paul brings over ten years’ senior product management experience to the role and focuses on the EkkoSoft Critical platform in key areas such as self-optimization and advanced analytics.

For six years Paul previously held the position of Head of Product Management at EkkoSense, where he played a key role in bringing EkkoSoft Critical to market. Before joining EkkoSense he spent five years as Product Manager for a DCIM vendor. Paul is also a qualified Management Accountant, and holds a Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Nottingham University.

Stephen Edwards


Stephen Edwards has been Chairman of the EkkoSense board since April 2017, and brings over 40 years’ in the software and technology markets.

His executive career included running the European operations of major US companies, such as Dun and Bradstreet Software and Manugistics, before becoming CEO of two VC backed software companies. Subsequently he has been involved in many UK and European software organizations as non-executive Chairman or director. He is currently Chairman of EkkoSense Ltd, Chairman of S4RB Ltd, Chairman of James Tobias Ltd, Chairman of Protean Ltd, and sits on the EMEA Advisory Board of Blue Prism Group.

Mark Acton

Non Executive Director

Mark Acton brings over 25 years’ senior global data center operations and consulting experience, both in senior executive and non-exec roles. He spent seven years as Head of Data Center Technical Consulting with CBRE Global Workplace Solutions, where he was responsible for ensuring the company’s DCS service offering set the highest possible benchmarks. He previously worked as a consultant with the Uptime Institute, Dell and Intel, as well as running global data center operations for Digital Island. Mark is actively engaged in European data center standards development, and currently chairs the Best Practice Committee for the European Code of Conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency.

James Kirkwood

Key Account Director

James Kirkwood has been instrumental in developing EkkoSense’s DCOP (Data Center Optimization) engagement model that offers structured services to not only secure data center cooling energy savings but also remove thermal risk and ensure ASHRAE-compliance.

James holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University, and has worked in the data center and telecommunications sector for the past 15 years. Before joining EkkoSense he developed new free-air cooling products around the globe and also worked as a national Energy Manager for BT who manage one of the largest estates in the UK.

Adrian Barker

Key Account Director

Adrian Barker is responsible for providing key account management and sales leadership to EkkoSense’s UK and international operations. He is instrumental in developing the company’s relationship with key partners such as CBRE, where EkkoSense is a global PSA supplier.

Adrian joined EkkoSense from Vertiv, where as Senior Director for Business Development he was responsible for executing the company’s solutions strategy and driving growth across the entire Vertiv portfolio. Before that he spent seven years with RF Code, building the team that delivered the company’s first $1m+ account in the EMEA region before serving as RF Code’s General Manager for EMEA.

Dr David Corder

Head of Electronics

With over 20 years’ in-depth electrical and electronics engineering design and development experience, David Corder leads engineering development across EkkoSense’s portfolio of products and solutions for critical environments - the data center, telecoms, utilities and renewables sectors. He joined EkkoSense in 2017 from his role as Senior Design Engineer at Technology Solutions.

David has a doctorate in instrumentation for ensuring safety compliance in industrial laser systems and an MEng in Electronic Engineering. He has worked in the electronics industry in both management and hardware design roles, with responsibility for the full product lifecycle from design through to volume manufacture in areas as diverse as Radio Frequency Identification and Commercial Vehicle Security. David’s product design work produced several industry first products which were subsequently adopted by major companies such as Motorola and Texas Instruments as own branded products.

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