Why CFOs and CEOs should be talking to EkkoSense about data center cooling optimization

EkkoSense data center cooling optimization

As we’ve engaged with attendees at a range of data center events – DCW London, DCD New York and multiple supplier forums, we’ve noticed how thermal optimization impacts people in different ways. For C-level executives, we think there are four key data center cooling optimization drivers they need to understand:

  • Financial Savings – unlocking c. up to 30% savings in data center cooling costs is good news for CFOs. Beyond immediate OPEX benefits, EkkoSense also helps to remove the need for CAPEX spend on additional cooling equipment that you really don’t need
  • Removing a business-critical risk – Data center downtime can lead to either millions in lost revenues, or potential long-term business disruption for digital firms. EkkoSense protects your organisation against this by reducing data center thermal risk – one of the key factors behind downtime
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – organizations increasingly need to be seen to be delivering against their green commitments. Optimizing data center performance and reducing energy costs provides demonstrable evidence of your green initiatives at work, and provides a quick CSR win
  • Make your data center even more efficient – DC managers often believe that their data centers are as efficient as they can be. EkkoSense gives CFOs the information they need to release additional data center capacity and drive further productivity from their expensive critical facilities

With its ability to continuously deliver data center cooling energy savings just by following its practical advice, Cooling Adviser is setting the agenda when it comes to software-led data center cooling optimization.

EkkoSense solutions are available directly, or through the company’s expanding network of international partners across North and South America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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