CEO Dean Boyle explains how EkkoSense is redefining data center optimization - videos

While attending Data Centre World London, EkkoSense CEO, Dean Boyle, explains how the company works with some of the largest data center operators in the world – to successfully reduce risk, improve energy efficiency and provide efficient capacity management.
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Case Studies

Case Study – Using predictive analytics as an early warning to prevent data center outage

A case study video from EkkoSense demonstrating how data centers can use EkkoSoft Critical predictive analytics as an early warning to prevent data center outages.
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Monitor, Manage and Maximize your data center with EkkoSoft Critical software

Overview of the benefits from EkkoSoft Critical data center software. – Capacity release on existing cooling assets and 24% cooling energy savings – Together we now save over £2m per annum from our unique SaaS based optimisation platform MONITOR – Compliance – reduce risk MANAGE – Power, space, cooling capacity MAXIMIZE – Performance – Save Energy Everything you need to optimise your data center.
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EkkoSoft Critical Thermal Optimization – Cooling Advisor for 10% carbon reduction

By using Cooling Advisor from EkkoSense you could achieve a 10% carbon reduction in your data center cooling.
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EkkoSoft Critical Site Power View – from EkkoSense

How easy is it to track data power usage across your data center estate? Unique 3D power schematic visualization in the EkkoSoft Critical software simplifies your capacity management. Contact us to find out how
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EkkoSoft Critical Capacity Planning – Greater Control over your data center capacity planning

Greater control over your data center capacity planning means you get to make quicker and smarter decisions. Book a demo to see how you can manage all of your power, space and cooling capacity easily within EkkoSoft Critical software.
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